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Seeing this icon of the Arctic in its natural habitat makes for a superlative wildlife encounter and our collection of polar bear holidays offer viewing opportunities that are second to none.

Where can I see polar bears?

Unique to the Arctic region, the polar bear is the largest land predator on earth, weighing in at around 600kg and standing up to three metres tall when on its hind legs. These majestic predators and their cubs are readily seen in many places around Spitsbergen as well as the Canadian Arctic and notably Churchill in Manitoba.

Our holidays which feature polar bear watching offer two very different types of experience. Land-based trips to Churchill are aimed at those with a singular focus on encountering these mighty animals, whilst our collection of Arctic cruises provide a more complete natural world experience.

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Churchill, Canada

For a short time each year, the remote Canadian town of Churchill, Manitoba is transformed into the ‘polar bear capital of the world’. In October and November as many as 1200 bears gather here on the icy tundra offering memorable encounters for visitors.

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Explore in a specially designed Polar Rover vehicle

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Experience unrivalled sightings and photo chances

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Choose to stay in Churchill town or in the unique Tundra Lodge

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Watch out for other Arctic wildlife and spend time in Winnipeg

“Over our two full days on the Tundra Buggies we encountered at least 60 bears – some with cubs, others sparring but most just lounging around waiting for the ice to form!”
Barry Nelson, Polar Bear Adventure

Arctic Cruises

Small ship voyages around Spitsbergen and in the Canadian Arctic are renowned for sightings of polar bears as well as a host of other wildlife. These cruises focus on experiencing the natural environment and savouring memories.

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Enjoy spectacular, untouched landscapes

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Encounter whales, walrus and birdlife

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Discover the history and culture of the region

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Choose from a range of cruise options and ships

“A really amazing trip with spectacular behaviour from the polar bears and wonderful land and seascapes! The expedition team were astounding, making it the most stunning ten days.”
Tony & Jo Skerl, Around Spitsbergen