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Our Top 5 Things To Do At The Icehotel

Saturday, 31st August 2019

Alex Minnis

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The iconic Icehotel in Swedish Lapland is one of the world’s amazing hotels. We’re proud to be the world’s leading Icehotel partner, and have worked with them for almost three decades. Our special relationship ensures our clients receive the best possible prices, availability, and holiday experience. As well as enjoying extraordinary accommodation, there’s a host of activities. Here’s a round up of our 5 favourite things to do.


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Dog Sledding from Kiruna Airpot

Did you know, there are more dogs living in Swedish Lapland than there are humans? Because of this, husky sledding has become the most popular way to get around this enchanting region. Start the adventure as soon as you touchdown in Swedish Lapland, jumping on a husky sled from Kiruna Airport to the Icehotel. Sit back in the sled and enjoy the winter wonderland as your husky guides navigate frozen lakes and forest trails.

This dog sledding transfer lasts 75 minutes and is suitable for everyone.

This trip includes the transfer to the Icehotel for both you and your luggage, as well as warm clothes to loan for your exhilarating ride!

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Northern lights safari on a snowmobile

One of our favourite activities is chasing the northern lights on a snowmobile. This guided tour takes you out in the wilderness where the northern lights are most visible, away from light pollution, through snow-clad forests surrounding the Icehotel. Ride out across the snow-covered expanse of the frozen River Torne on an exhilarating pursuit of the lights.

You share a snowmobile, or drive your own, through the dark winter landscape, following your guide. Throughout the tour, your guide will make frequent short stops, so you can take turns driving as well as taking the time to enjoy the tranquillity of the forest, take pictures and keep you eyes out for the elusive northern lights. You will also stop in a warm cabin and enjoy a two-course meal, before heading back to the Icehotel. Be sure to speak to our travel specialists to discuss any dietary needs.

This trip takes 4 hours and is suitable for everyone.

Please note you need to be at least 18 years old and have a driver’s license to drive a snowmobile. If you do not have a driver’s license, you are able to join as a passenger.

swedish lapland icehotel sushi chefs table veranda restaurant

Chef’s Table at The Veranda

Indulge in an epicurean delight on this specially crafted dining experience. Dine in style at The Veranda with world-class cuisine prepared by two head chefs from Samual Jahn’s brigade. This is the most exclusive food experience at the Icehotel, a delectable 12-course menu with accompanying beverages. The chefs talk about the locally sourced produce as they welcome you to their ‘home’ in Swedish Lapland.

This experience is suitable for everyone, but guests do need to be over 16.

The Chef’s Table is open for booking on most dates from Wednesday to Sunday until mid April.

sweden camp ripan aurora spa indoor pool

The Sauna Ritual

Learn how to pamper your body and soul like like a local with this relaxing sauna experience. Take part in a traditional ten-step ritual, which includes an optional ice plunge, heated outdoor bathtubs, coffee scrubs and a roll in the snow! The sauna provides a guide on how to complete the ritual and the basics of the sauna. Cleansed of mind and body, this invigorating start to your break will leave you ready for the adventures to follow.

This excursion lasts about 2.5 hours  and is suitable for everyone.

swedish lapland icehotel wilderness dinner inside lavvu rth

Starlit dinner at the Wilderness Camp

Few things are as memorable as dinner under the stars – and this 3-course dinner, prepared entirely from local ingredients, comes with an added attraction; the northern lights may appear at any minute. You will head out to a secluded wilderness camp, with a local guide and be served an exclusive wilderness dinner that has been devised to reflect the produce and flavours of the current season. Cosy up by camp fire and get ready to step outside to view the aurora should they appear.

This experience last for 4 hours and suitable for everyone.

Feeling Inspired?

Find out more about our Icehotel holidays, call our team of Travel Specialists on 01737 214 250 or make an enquiry if you’d like one of the team to send your a personalised quotation.

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