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Thursday, 28th September 2017

Destination Specialist

icehotel sophie radcliffe in main hall

If you’re considering a trip to the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland I have two words for you; do it! I spent three unforgettable days there with Discover the World in January, and created memories I will cherish forever. It’s an incredibly special place, and one of those trips that feels like you’ve been away for a week even though it’s only been a couple of days.

The moment you land it feels like you are in Narnia, giving you a child-like desire to explore and discover.

There are two options at the Icehotel; you can sleep ‘on ice’ or in warm accommodation. I would recommend trying both. The rooms in the Icehotel are something else. They are all hand crafted every year from ice harvested from the frozen Torne River and melt back into the river in spring. Each room has its own personality and sleeping there is an experience that you’ll never forget. Plus it’s really not as cold as you might think; all wrapped up in a thick sleeping bag and reindeer skins!

icehotel art suite sophie radcliffe

We spent our days exploring the vast, frozen wilderness by cross country ski, husky sled and snowmobile. All were amazing. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and passionate. They took us to gorgeous huts in the wilderness where we would drink tea & coffee, eat cake and warm ourselves round a fire.

One evening we headed into the wilderness for dinner, using flaming torches to guide us through the snow-covered forest before having a delicious three-course dinner in a wooden Laavu hut. Afterwards we lay on reindeer skins on a frozen lake and searched the sky for the Northern Lights. A night to remember!

Icehotel northern lights sophie radcliffe

Later that evening we drank vodka from glasses made of ice in the ice bar, though the slight headache the next day was eased by the freshness of the air whilst exploring the forest trails on a husky sled. You can spot a theme here!

The night-time snowmobile excursion was so fun, if you want to feel like James Bond (or a Bond girl my case) give this a try!

I don’t think I’ve ever ticked off as many ‘bucket list’ experiences in such as short period of time. Seeing the Northern Lights, going to the Arctic, Husky Sledging, skiing up a mountain for sunrise, sleeping on ice, the list goes on.

icehotel huskies sophie radcliffe

It’s a totally unique place where you can create a trip tailor-made to suit your needs. There are plenty of people around to socialise and share experiences with but equally, if you want space and time to yourselves you can find that too.

Plus if you are interested in photography, this is a perfect place in which to practise, with so many natural sights surrounding you. You’ll end up with some amazing shots to share with your friends and family.

icehotel outside sophie radcliffe

All images © Sophie Radcliffe
Thank you Discover the World, it certainly kicked my year off with a bang!

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