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Fjords to Fashion: Nordic destinations inspire fashion range

Wednesday, 16th August 2017

Kim Stacey


Having travelled extensively across the Nordics throughout her life and professional career, Nordic Travel Specialist, Kim made her life-long dream a reality by launching TISKA London – a Nordic-inspired fashion range. From fjords to fashion, read on for Kim’s story…

I have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to Iceland throughout my life. In fact, one of my earliest memories was going to a magical place with huge icebergs! Although, for some time – I assumed that these memories were just dreams until I was much older and realised that this place actually existed and that it was Jokulsarlon’s glacier lagoon!

iceland natural wonders iceland

Other memories include building tunnels in huge snow drifts, riding beautiful Icelandic horses, laying in the snow and watching the northern lights dance above us. In more recent times, I’ve had other opportunities to travel all over Scandinavia in all seasons with highlights including…

Sweden in the winter

Whales and aurora in Norway

What an experience! My northern lights & whale watching trip began in the ‘city’ of Tromso in Northern Norway and within 30 minutes of leaving the harbour, there they were in all their glory… shortly followed by a pod of humpbacks – simply magical. This was the first time I have seen orcas in the wild and it was just amazing. On this same trip I went in search of the northern lights. Within 10 minutes of driving away from the city, we could see the aurora very clearly and they were only getting stronger and stronger. The northern lights stayed out all night but sadly we had to leave them dancing in the sky as we returned to our hotel at 2am.

Finland in the summer

Iceland’s East Fjords

Iceland’s sweeping East Fjords are a wonder to explore on foot during the summer months. This is the perfect place to escape the tourist traps and really immerse yourself with authentic Icelandic cultures.

Growing up listening to the Icelandic language, seeing the joy the country brought to my family through experiences and friendships has embedded a huge connection and love affair that will last a lifetime for me. It seemed fitting that I marry my love of Iceland and Scandinavia with my other love; fashion. So TISKA London was born! There is no doubt travel inspires and for me visiting these places brings out the best in me, when I visit Iceland I feel home, when I am designing I feel like I am being true to myself.

And so TISKA London was born…

TISKA London’s first collection started with a story that I wrote: Lilya Saga. This is about a young woman from Iceland, who has a dream about a far-away magical place and a hotel made of pure ice. The designs evolved from this story, and the brand promotes positivity, strength and independence in women. Each garment has a story and an Icelandic name.