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Harvest Festival at Icehotel

Thursday, 2nd January 2020

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icehotel Harvest Festival

The Icehotel’s Harvest Festival is usually held on the first weekend of March. This is a chance to celebrate the seasonal Icehotel, see how the team prepares for the Icehotel to return next winter, and enjoy the beauty of early spring in the Arctic Circle.

Highlights of the Harvest Festival

Winter games and activities

Compete in a series of winter games, physical challenges and activities down by the river.

Guided ice harvest tour

Down on Torne River, the Icehotel team have tended the ice field all winter, clearing it of snow so the ice can grow nice and thick. Come along and see how this important ‘crop’ is harvested, by a tractor with specially designed and patented saws. Blocks of solid natural ice, each weighing two tonnes, are cut and lifted from the river by this incredible machinery before being transported to the ice storage ‘barn’, where they’re kept until next winter’s hotel is ready to be built. A member of staff will take you through the process as it happens, with the special chance (especially for the Harvest Festival weekend) to see inside the ‘barn’ as part of the tour.

Beer tasting 

Try some local beers on the Icehotel terrace while local delicacies such as delicious souvas (reindeer) wraps will be served from large muurikkas (traditional Scandinavian griddle pans) like the locals have it. Best enjoyed with hot lingonberry juice or kettle-boiled coffee.

Live music

Relax later in the day enjoying live music in the Ice Bar and later on in the Icehotel Lounge.

icehotel harvest festival celebrations in icebar lm

Don’t miss out

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