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Planning a Norway Road Trip Around the Fjords

Friday, 26th January 2024

Pam Forrest

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Boasting iconic fjords including more than one that are UNESCO World Heritage listed, scenic roads that are also movie-star locations, nerve-jangling viewpoints plus some of the most scenic toilets you’re likely to come across, Fjord Norway in the western part of the country is a hot prospect for any independent travellers in search of a memorable road trip. The spectacular vistas guarantee your journey will be jaw-droppingly beautiful. But to ensure you get the most out of your trip – visiting key places and doing the things you most want to do in a comfortable timeframe – a little planning and expert knowledge makes all the difference.

Watch our video

Our new video takes you on an immersive journey through the Norwegian Fjords providing a taste of how your Norway itinerary could look. More than a teaser, this 7-minute mini-movie follows four of our clients on their week-long road trip from Bergen to Alesund.

How long should a Norway self drive be?

There’s over 400 km between Bergen, the gateway to the Fjords, and Alesund in the north of the region, and that’s the direct route. If you only have a few days you’re best keeping your focus on a smaller area. You can explore comfortably in a week, but for an more in-depth experience, plan for 12 days to a fortnight.

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What can you see and do in Fjord Norway?

Name dropping starts in the form of Norway’s most famous fjords, with Geirangerfjord, Nærøyfjord and Sognefjord, Norway’s longest, taking top plaudits. Then there are the switchbacks. The famous Trollstigen road follows a series of 11 hairpin bends that gradually ascend Troll Mountain, each turn revealing another awe-inspiring view.

More famous still is the Atlantic Road. With it’s series of bridges seemingly touching the horizon, this has long been one of Norway’s most iconic driving routes, but it hit the big time with a scene-stealing cameo in the 2021 Bond movie, No Time To Die. Move over Aston Martin!

Ferry hopping is part of any self drive holiday in the fjords, and you’ll soon become a specialist in navigating your vehicle onto the car ferries. Then there are hiking trails, fjord cruises, soaking up the sights of historic Bergen and riding the famous Flam railway.

Who should do a Norway road trip?

For those who enjoy driving, Norway is road trip heaven. Everyone will enjoy fjord scenery peppered with waterfalls, glaciers, orchards and forests. The landscape, is simply, breath-taking. And once you’ve driven the scenic roads, it will stay with you forever.

The satisfaction of looking up to the mountain as you park up at your hotel for the evening knowing you’ve just driven through all of that beauty.

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Feeling inspired to drive Norway’s scenic routes?

If you’re planning on visiting Norway, our Travel Specialists will be delighted to tailor a Norway holiday to suit you. Get in touch to start planning your ultimate road trip or take a look our recommended self-drive holidays.

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