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Romantic Weekend Getaways for Adventurous Couples

Wednesday, 1st March 2017

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To ignite the passionate explorers in us, we’ve got an adventurous twist on the traditional romantic weekend getaway. Why not venture to one of the spectacularly scenic Nordic countries? Home to some of Europe’s greatest stretches of unspoiled natural land, steamy volcanic regions, mountain ranges, waterfalls and wild coastlines; it makes for a dreamy setting.

Get your hiking boots on to explore regions of breath-taking natural beauty on these romantic weekend getaways for adventurous couples...


Experiencing the outdoors doesn’t have to be guided or group-led – you can go it alone on a self-drive holiday and soak up the surroundings at your own pace. On the Golden Circle Self Drive, you can discover the charming capital and venture further to see the wonders of the iconic Golden Circle as well as venture further along the south coast to experience the spectacular waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. Finnish off with a dip in the geothermal wonder that is the Blue Lagoon.

iceland snorkelling day tour silfra di

Although it might not seem like the most obvious romantic getaway, diving in Silfra on a day tour offers an experience like no other. Plunge into waters beside Thingvellir, the national shrine of Iceland, and marvel at some of the clearest water in the world. Dive up to 30 metres underwater and observe the fissure’s lava walls and cathedral-like cave. The daily dives operate all year round, so when the time feels right, take the plunge and share this ethereal experience with your loved one.

norway sea kayaking


Known for its landscape reminiscent of its Ice Age past, Norway is teeming with deep blue fjords, snow-capped mountains, a rugged coastline and stunning waterfalls. With a rich history and idyllic scenery, there is no better way to explore Norway’s terrain than a scenic kayak tour around its northern coastline. The mountains offer a spectacular backdrop to a peaceful journey around the coast, and if you’re lucky, you may even come across its marine wildlife. To give your trip a little more romance, catch the summer midnight sun on an evening excursion.

northern norway snowmobile controls

There is nothing quite like the charm of winter in the High Arctic. Offering an otherworldly, exhilarating ride, our snowmobile adventures in Spitsbergen will see you riding across glaciers, discovering the legacy of old Russian mining settlements and sleeping in the northernmost town in the world. If conditions allow, you may even experience gliding over frozen sea.

sweden camp ripan dog sledding


Experiencing Sweden means immersing yourself in its sheer beauty and culture outdoors. Venture away from the cities and visit the country’s northernmost reaches where the famous Icehotel can be found – a fabulously unique place to escape for a long weekend. Renowned for its winter activities including husky sledding through tranquil forests and over frozen lakes, you might spot Arctic wildlife inhabiting and with luck, see the northern lights.

swedish lapland stora sjofallet winter sun over frozen landscape ss

If experiencing a little of Sweden’s culture fulfils your idea of a romantic getaway, the Stora Sjofallet National Park and Sapmi Nature Camp is the perfect place. Home to the indigenous Sami people, this alpine nature reserve above the Arctic Circle has sculpted valleys, luscious pine forests and striking mountain ridges. Revel in the choice of activities on offer from snowshoeing to snowmobiling to skiing. The real thrill is the opportunity to (glamorously) camp at the Sapmi Nature Camp, and experience Sami customs with a local Sami reindeer-herdsman.

iso syote cabin


Finland is a true European mix, with influences from both Russia and the West. A third of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle, including the wilderness territory of Lapland. The magical forests of Syote National Park house the enchanting Iso-Syote Winter Hideaway, with panoramic views over lakes and forests. With access to some of Finland’s best ski slopes, husky sledding and snowmobiling adventures, Iso-Syote is a haven for winter-sports enthusiasts. By night, head out on an evening snowmobile safari in pursuit of the northern lights or cosy up to a fire in a traditional log cabin. The remote location means that the area is free from artificial light pollution, making sightings of the aurora borealis all the more vivid.

east finland brown bears and cub vf

From the fierce wolverine, the magnificent lynx and the elusive brown bear, a trip to Kuhmo in Finland’s remote eastern wilderness allows you to leave the nature programmes at home. Through the ancient taiga forests and with a honey buzzard circling overhead, there is no better place to seek out these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Our Active Wild Brown Bear Adventure, which runs from May to September, is the perfect opportunity to experience brown bears and wild forest reindeer up close and personal.

east greenland summer in tasiilaq vg


As the world’s largest non-continental island, Greenland enjoys dramatic scenery with rugged coastlines and massive glaciers. Our short breaks to Greenland are designed to give the perfect introduction to the country and pack in as much as possible. Our Traditional East Greenland itinerary in the district of Ammassalik on the east coast includes scenic views of fjords and mountains, walks through unspoiled wilderness and an exploration of the town of Tasiilaq, encircled by some of the highest mountains in Greenland.

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Learn about the country’s Viking heritage in the southern city of Qaqortoq. Follow the Stone and Man sculpture trail of rock carvings or explore the ruins of Hvalsey Church and relish in the artefacts at the museum on the historical harbour. The striking Disko Bay on the country’s west coast is home to one of the world’s most active glaciers and attracts the largest number of visitors to Greenland. For a really romantic experience, take a scenic midnight sun cruise in Disko Bay and sail amongst the icebergs.

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