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Scott’s Last Antarctic Expedition

Thursday, 7th January 2016

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beautiful broken ice reflections university cambridge

Take a glimpse into history as two polar ships are transformed into exclusive floating galleries, with photographs from Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s final Antarctic expedition to be exhibited at sea for the first time.

Until March 2018 guests on board the Akademik Sergey Vavilov and Akademik Ioffe can view limited edition platinum prints of the iconic photographs taken by Herbert Ponting during Captain Scott’s British Antarctic Expedition of 1910-13.

The photographs are one of the most famous, beautiful and compelling visual records in the history of exploration. Ponting documented all facets of Scott’s expedition, including photographs of the men, their ship (the Terra Nova), daily life in their hut at Cape Evans, scientific research, Antarctic wildlife and the frozen landscapes of Ross Island.

Handmade from Ponting’s original glass plate negatives, now owned and conserved by the Scott Polar Research Institute, the prints were produced using the platinum printing process, a photographic technique first introduced in the19th century.

Passengers will have the opportunity to buy the limited edition prints during their voyage, with half of the proceeds going to the Scott Polar Research Institute to contribute to its environmental research and heritage activities.

All images © Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

Prints to be displayed on board the Akademik Ioffe

1. In the ice pack from the maintop of the Terra Nova (Gran, Taylor and Wright). December 22nd 1910

2. The Terra Nova and a berg at ice foot. 16th January 1911

3. Capt, Scott in his den. 7th October 1911

4. Adelie penguins track and sledge track crossing

5. A. Cherry-Garrard on return from Barrier. 29th January 1912

6. The Matterhorn Berg profile with Erebus. 8th October 1911

the Matterhorn Berg profile

7. The pressure ridges of the ice crack from the Barne Glacier to Inaccessible, looking to Cape Royds (Capt. Scott). 8th October 1911

Prints to be displayed on board the Akademik Sergey Vavilov

1. The Terra Nova held up in the pack. 13th December 1910

the terra nova university cambridge

2. Beautiful broken ice, reflections and Terra Nova. 7th January 1911 (first image)

3. Capt Scott. 13th April 1911

capt scott university cambridge

4. Huge ice bastions of the Castle Berg (Clissold). 17th September 1911

castle berg with dog sledge

5. The Tenements bunks in hut of Lieut. Bowers, Mr Cherry-Garrard, Capt Oates, Mr Meares and Dr Atkinson. 9th October 1911


tenement bunks in hut university cambridge

6. Capt. Oates and some of the ponies.

7. Captain Scott and group taken on return of the Southern Party. 13th April 1911

All images: © Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

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