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The 33rd Icehotel in Swedish Lapland

Wednesday, 21st December 2022

Pam Forrest

icehotel ice sculpting photo joakim norenius

The Icehotel in Swedish Lapland opened its doors for a 33rd winter season on 16 December 2022, unveiling a array of magnificent new Art Suites and a stunning new ceremony hall. Featuring original creations by 24 artists from around the world, the construction took six weeks to build under the watchful eye of Icehotel’s Creative Director, Luca Roncoroni. This year’s hotel will see guests sleeping in an ice dome, a Japanese garden, under supersized mushrooms and in a video game.

Located high above the Arctic Circle in the tiny village of Jukkasjarvi and surrounded by true wilderness, this is the original Icehotel – one of the world’s most amazing hotels. It is an intricate creation made of ice and snow, or more precisely, snice (a mix of snow and ice) that combines artistry and engineering.

This year’s selected artists – chosen from 102 applications – hail from locations all around the world including Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Canada and Mongolia. View images of some of the suites below.

“Every year I’m amazed at what this incredible team can achieve; talented international artists, flanked by a team of ice professionals, can really create magic. Welcome to Icehotel 33!”
Luca Roncoroni, Creative Director Icehotel

“The Mushroom” Art Suite by Chris Pancoe and Peter Hargaves

icehotel33 art suite the mushroom by chris pancoe peter hargraves ak

“Garden” Art Suite by Natsuki and Shingo Saito

icehotel33 art suite garden by natsuki and shingo saito ak

“High Score” Art Suite by Sonia Chow and Huschang Pourian

icehotel33 art suite high score by sonia chow and huschang pourian ak

“Home Nature” Art Suite by Munkh-Erdene Tsagaan and Uugantsetseg Enkhtaivan

icehotel33 art suite home nature by munkh tsagaan and enkhtaivan ak

“Bauh-Ice” Art Suite by Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison

icehotel33 art suite bauh ice by luc voisin and mathieu brison ak

“Maighdeann-Ron” Art Suite by Emilie and Sara Steele

icehotel33 art suite maighdeann roin by emilie and sara Steele ak

Ceremony Hall “Embrace” by Wouter Biegelaar and Viktor Tsarski

icehotel33 ceremony hall embrace by wouter biegelaar and viktor tsarski ak

All images © Asaf Kliger

Visiting the Icehotel

The seasonal Icehotel is open from mid-December the end of March into early April, when it starts to melt back into the River Torne. It can be experienced our classic 3-night Icehotel Break or you can choose to combine with a stay in Abisko National Park – rated by Lonely Planet as the best place in the world for experiencing the northern lights – on our Northern Lights, Abisko and Icehotel holiday.

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