6 Ultimate Swedish Comfort Foods

Thursday, 24th August 2017

Destination Specialist

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To welcome the winter season ahead, we have compiled a list of our favourite ultimate Swedish comfort foods to inspire you on your next Swedish Lapland adventure.

In Sweden’s crisp winter months, there’s no better place to be but in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Spend your time taking part in a world of thrilling winter activities such as husky sledding, snowmobiling, ice sculpting and even cross-country skiing. As the chilly day comes to an end, what better way to warm up than with an indulgent sauna, followed by a piping hot dish of home-made comfort food.

1. Pyttipanna

Sweden Pyttipanna

Much like a corned-beef hash, Pyttipanna (translated to small pieces in a pan) originated as a way to use up any leftover ingredients to create a delicious meal.

Although recipes vary – depending on what’s in the kitchen to use up – the most popular recipe uses small chunks of smoked bacon, sausage and leftover meat, combined with diced potatoes and a selection of spices. Top with a fried egg and serve with pickled beets on the side for an authentic experience.

2. Artsoppa

Sweden soup stuartbur

Guaranteed to soothe the soul, this delicious soup is made from yellow split peas and smoked ham. Originally eaten on Thursdays to symbolise the beginning of the Christian fasting period, today, this hearty dish is still served at schools, for the army and the navy to keep traditions alive.

3. Home-made Swedish meatballs

swedish food meatballs istock

A renowned dish across the globe, Swedish meatballs, or Kottbullar, are a firm favourite in Sweden. A combination of ground beef, pork and often veal – classic Swedish meatballs are commonly served with a dollop of mashed potato, gravy and a sweet accompaniment of lingonberry sauce.

4. Gryta

Sweden Moose Stew

Similar to a beef stew, Gryta is more frequently made with elk or reindeer and makes for a common winter dish in Sweden. Alongside the typically Swedish game meat, ingredients include carrots, shallots and a concoction of delicious winter root vegetables.

5. Risgrynsgrott

Sweden Rice Pudding Ockra

Typically served on Christmas Eve, this creamy combination of rice pudding, milk and cinnamon is best served folded with whipped cream and orange zest for added zing.

6. Kanelbullar

sweden cinnamon bun istock

Light, fluffy and best served warm; these delicious cinnamon buns are a wonderful treat to enjoy all day long. Usually served with a warm cup of dark-roast coffee, you can’t leave Sweden without trying these little rolls of delight.


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