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Antarctica Active Holidays

Re-live the spirit of adventure synonymous with great polar explorers such as Shackleton and Amundsen, on our Antarctica active and adventure holidays. The White Continent champions the spirit of adventure with active pursuits on offer such as sea kayaking, mountaineering and cross country skiing as well as camping under the midnight sun.

Antarctica is vast, covering an area of 14 million sq km, approximately twice the size of Australia. But it’s not just the White Continent’s size and the fact that most of it is covered in ice that’s challenging – this is the coldest, windiest and driest place on the planet, which means careful logistical planning from a team of experts is required when planning adventurous pursuits.

On all adventure activities, specialist equipment is provided and you will be accompanied by experienced guides. Previous experience and a good level of fitness may be a requirement for some of the options – our Antarctic travel specialists will discuss this with you.

Give your polar experience a memorable twist and enjoy the unique soundtrack of the polar night by camping under the midnight sun, listening to the creaking of glaciers and icebergs whilst icy waves lap at the shore. Paddling past brash ice in a sea kayak, offers the chance to enjoy breathtaking scenery and marine life close up whilst admiring the reflections of mountains and glaciers in the still water.

If gazing up at spectacular Antarctic mountain ranges is not enough, you can always put your climbing skills to the test and try ascending one of the beautiful peaks of the Peninsula, or put on a pair of cross-country skis and travel quietly under your own power, while gaining a sense of early polar exploration.

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