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Ross Sea

Ross Sea and East Antarctica Holidays

East Antarctica and the Ross Sea are synonymous with some of the world’s greatest explorers including Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton, while Commonwealth Bay resounds with the names of the Australian explorer, Mawson and French adventurer, Durmont d’Urville.

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The Ross Sea was named after the first explorer to push trough the intimidating ice-shelf back in 1842, James Clarke Ross. This area was the starting point for the legendary South Pole expeditions of Scott and Amundsen. It is extremely remote and therefore challenging to reach, but for those that do venture to this fascinating frozen wilderness, the rewards are great – including the chance to visit the historic huts of these pioneering early first explorers. Scott’s hut at Cape Evans and Shackleton’s at Cape Royds are two key highlights, with the chance to visit the Dry Valleys and the amazing Ross Ice Shelf an added bonus.

Unsurprisingly, given this remoteness, there are far fewer voyages to this side of the continent. Departing from Australasia, more time is spent at sea taking in the lesser-visited and inspiring sub-Antarctic islands of Macquarie and Campbell, home to rare wildlife such as yellow-eyed and Macquarie penguins and vast numbers of nesting albatross.