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Antarctica Escorted Holidays

The very nature of an Antarctic holiday requires travellers to be escorted. It is after all, the most remote continent on earth, and even in the modern age of technology and transport, requires much logistical planning to access.

As such, most travellers to the Antarctic do so aboard expedition cruises however, we are also able to offer the extraordinary opportunity of journeying deep into the Antarctic interior and to join the privileged few who have stood at the South Pole.

An escorted adventure into the interior is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience life on the ice and offers a total contrast to the wildlife-rich coastal regions; here you will find an endless landscape of dramatic mountain peaks, vast ice streams and glaciers, nunatuks and crevasses; dazzlingly beautiful and like nowhere else on earth, these are views to last a lifetime.

Fly from Punta Arenas in Chile to the Antarctic base camp of Union Glacier, located at 79º south and just 1100km from the South Pole. On arrival you will be given an orientation, with a full briefing on logistics, environmental and safety considerations and a guide to the intricacies of daily life in Antarctica.

Spend several unforgettable days sleeping in expedition tents and exploring the rarified surroundings, cross-country skiing, hiking, climbing and venturing out on snow machines. You can go one step further with a six-hour flight from Union Glacier to the South Pole, the southernmost point of earth, where the ice beneath is almost 10,000 ft thick and temperatures range from -25 and -35°C. Here you’ll visit the USA’s Amundsen-Scott research station.