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If you enjoy the peace and quiet of walking in pristine countryside and crave wide open spaces you couldn’t ask for a more tranquil and untouched location than Greenland. With its untamed landscape of giant icecaps and mountains, hikers can roam the unspoiled, unfenced wilderness at leisure, witnessing first-hand nature’s ability to craft fantastic fjords and verdant valleys.

This is a true hiking paradise during the summer months when the days are long and the temperatures mild. Explore on well-paced day walks before returning to your comfortable hotel each evening. Alternatively, stay en route in hostels and farms for an adventurous option. Our collection of walking holidays includes guided or independent options so you can choose which suits you. Enjoy the company of an expert guide and fellow travellers in a small group holiday, or opt for self-guided hikes on marked trails and rough tracks setting your own pace.

Southern Greenland offers an amazing variety of colourful scenery with its lush landscape dotted with settlements, working sheep farms and Inuit and Norse ruins. It’s probably the most accessible region of Greenland. At Disko Bay on the west coast see incredible calving glaciers and myriad of icebergs. And in East Greenland hike against a backdrop of towering granite peaks and indigo fjords dotted with majestic shimmering icebergs.

Across the island, you’ll find that traditional fishing, hunting and carving methods are still used by the locals and can learn more about the way of life of this resilient community living on the edge of the habitable world. Whatever type of walking holiday you choose, there will be plenty of time to stop and savour magnificent views of the mountains, fjords, glaciers and rivers of this remarkable island.

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