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Iceland Airlines and Schedules

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We are able to book flights on any airline between the UK and Iceland at the lowest public fare. There are scheduled services from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh to Keflavik Airport. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to advise you on the best options.

Flying to Keflavik

Keflavik International Airport is the main ‘hub’ for international flights and is approx. 45 mins drive from the centre of Reykjavik. Domestic flights within Iceland as well as services to Greenland and the Faroes generally operate from the smaller Reykjavik City Airport. Flying time between UK and Keflavik is approx. 3 hrs.

Fly to Akureyri

Akureyri International Airport is the gateway to the North, and is a short onward flight from the Keflavik/Reykjavik region (approximately 45 mins). Icelandair offer onward connecting flights from Keflavik International Airport to Akureyri (therefore avoiding an overnight and/or a transfer to the domestic airport in Reykjavik, which is where most domestic flights operate from). Passengers will have their luggage checked through from the UK to Akureyri (and vice-versa), and will simply need to change aircraft at Keflavik, in what is a very smooth and easy connection. This connecting service is offered on a restricted schedule, in summer only. Please contact our team of travel specialists for further details.

All timings are local. Iceland time is set at GMT throughout the year, therefore during the summer it is 1 hour behind the UK and in the winter it is on the same time.

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Daily Service

Outbound ICELANDAIR between Heathrow and Keflavik
Depart Heathrow 13.00 | Arrive Keflavik 15.00
Depart Heathrow 21.10 | Arrive Keflavik 23.10

Inbound ICELANDAIR between Keflavik and Heathrow
Depart Keflavik 07.40 | Arrive Heathrow 11.45
Depart Keflavik 16.10 | Arrive Heathrow 20.10


Outbound ICELANDAIR between Manchester & Keflavik
Depart Manchester 13.25 | Arrive Keflavik 15.00

Inbound ICELANDAIR between Keflavik & Manchester
Depart Keflavik 08.00 | Arrive Manchester 11.35


Outbound ICELANDAIR between Glasgow & Keflavik
Depart Glasgow 14.05 | Arrive Keflavik 15.25

Inbound ICELANDAIR between Keflavik & Glasgow
Depart Keflavik 07.35 | Arrive Glasgow 10.40

Daily Service (excluding Wednesday)

Outbound ICELANDAIR between Gatwick & Keflavik
Depart Gatwick 13.10 | Arrive Keflavik 15.10

Inbound ICELANDAIR between Keflavik and Gatwick
Depart Keflavik 7.45 | Arrive Gatwick 11.45


Outbound ICELANDAIR between Birmingham & Keflavik
Depart Birmingham 13.25 | Arrive Keflavik 15.10

Inbound ICELANDAIR between Keflavik & Birmingham
Depart Keflavik 07.50 | Arrive Birmingham 11.25


Outbound ICELANDAIR between Aberdeen & Keflavik
Depart Aberdeen 12.10 | Arrive Keflavik 15.00

Inbound ICELANDAIR between Keflavik & Aberdeen
Depart Keflavik 08.00 | Arrive Birmingham 10.50


Daily Service

Outbound EASYJET between Luton & Keflavik
Daily except Sat: depart Luton 07.45 | Arrive Keflavik 10.55
Sat: depart Luton 15.50 | Arrive Keflavik 19.00

Inbound EASYJET between Keflavik & Luton
Daily except Sat: depart Keflavik 11.30 | Arrive Luton 14.25
Sat: depart Keflavik 19.35 | Arrive Luton 22.30*


Outbound EASYJET between Edinburgh & Keflavik
Depart Edinburgh 11.50 | Arrive Keflavik 14.15

Inbound EASYJET between Keflavik & Edinburgh
Depart Keflavik 14.55 | Arrive Edinburgh 17.10


Outbound EASYJET between Manchester & Keflavik
Depart Manchester 07.05 | Arrive Keflavik 09.55

Inbound EASYJET between Keflavik & Manchester
Tue/Thu/Fri: depart Keflavik 10.30 Arrive Manchester 13.10
Sun: depart Keflavik 10.40 | Arrive Manchester 13.20

Please note schedules may vary and are for reference only. The exact information will be confirmed at the time of booking. Please contact our team of travel specialists for the most up to date information or a quote.