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Varmland Holidays

Varmland competes for the title of Sweden’s great outdoors, its remarkable landscapes and wealth of outdoor activities, never failing to impress.

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Varmland Summer Adventure

Enjoy the great outdoors and spend some quality time together on this active family wilderness trip. Discover the beautiful region of Varmland and the enchanting River Klaralven, one of the longest waterways in Scandinavia, in a myriad of adventurous ways including hiking, rafting and cycling.

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Rivers & lakes

The province is criss-crossed with narrow lakes and rivers, the Klaralven River among its most beautiful. It begins turbulently in Norway, but gradually becomes broader and winding before emptying into Lake Vanern near the province’s largest town, Karlstad. The Klaralven was the last Swedish river used for floating logs, and although no longer used for this, it now offers the unique activity of building your own raft and floating peacefully down river, winding your way through glorious countryside, letting the world pass you by… and maybe the odd beaver or moose!

Activities in abundance

The scenic mountains and lakes have inspired painters and writers since the 19th century, and today it’s an ideal area for walking, swimming, camping or fishing. In the wild woods of Varmland you can find true tranquility together with exciting adventures. Track and trails intersecting the woods can be explored by bike or on horseback and there is a wealth of waterways for canoeing, rafting and fishing.