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Juutua Wilderness Hotel Excursions

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No trip to the Arctic is complete without taking part in some of the amazing winter activities available at Juutua Wilderness Hotel.

Take part in traditional Lappish pastimes such as snowshoeing, dog sledding and ice fishing. Or for those wanting something with a little more adrenaline, try your hand at one the many snowmobile excursions on offer. And of course many ways to witness the Northern Lights.

We highly recommend that you pre-book excursions and activities with us before you arrive. For the full range of excursions are available at Juutua Wilderness Hotel please take a look below and then talk to our Travel Specialists about how best to fit these into your holiday.

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Feeling adventurous? Discover the Finnish wilderness on an exciting snowmobile tour. You will receive full driving and safety instructions before a short lesson and then once ready, take to the trails through the forests and over frozen lakes in the beautiful winter surroundings.

  • Snowmobile Safari – 2 hours – from £118 per adult & £83 per child
  • Snowmobile Adventure – 4 hours – from £186 per adult & £76 per child
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Husky Safari

A husky safari is a truly thrilling experience especially when you have the chance to be a musher in control of your own team of dogs.

Each excursion begins with a thorough driving instruction, after which you will be able to safely steer the husky sled yourself. One works as a the sled driver and the other enjoys the scenery while riding the sled through the snowy forest.

  • Husky Safari – 3 hours – from £186 per adult (driving time 1.5hr – 2hrs) & £130 per child
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Northern Lights

Chase the elusive aurora borealis on one of our stunning northern lights* tours. Experience nature’s best lightshow in a remote location far from light pollution. There are many ways in which to search for the Northern Lights while learning about science behind the phenomenon.
*Northern Light sightings cannot be guaranteed

  • Aurora Workshop – 1 hour – £45 per adult & £32 per child
  • Aurora Snowshoeing – 2.5 hours – £118 per adult & £83 per child
  • Aurora Snowmobiling – 2.5 hours – £145 per adult & £102 per child
  • Aurora Hunt by Car – 3 hours – £127 per adult & £95 per child
  • Aurora Camp – 3 hours – £136 per adult & £89 per child
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Reindeer Experiences

Reindeers and reindeer herding is a big part of the history in Northern Finland. Learn about the Sámi culture and the life of a reindeer. You will have an opportunity meet and feed the reindeer – the curious animals might even come up and eat out of your hand.

  • Meet the Reindeer – 2 hours – £118 per adult & £83 per child
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Snowshoes spread your weight over a wider area, letting you walk through deep snow without sinking too far.  Once used by the Sami people used similar shoes for hunting trips, to help them get around in tricky terrain. On a guided snowshoe trip your guide will explain exactly how the snowshoes work and the best techniques before setting off through the pristine landscapes and to untouched spots of Juutua.

  • Gentle Snowshoeing – 2 hours – from £72 per adult & £51 per child
  • Showshoeing Adventure with wilderness lunch – 4 hours – from £109 per adult & £76 per child
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Sami Culture

At Sámi Siida Museum, you can get to know Sámi culture and explore the wonders of Arctic nature. The museum’s exhibitions showcase the Sámi people’s strong connection to nature, and learn about the history and way of life of the Sámi, the indigenous people of Lapland.

  • Visit to Siida – 3 hours – £71 per adult & £50 per child


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Ice Fishing

Lakes and rivers are an excellent source of food in Lapland and fishing has been a major part of the Finnish culture year-round. During winter months ice-fishing is a past time enjoyed by many locals. You will travel to a frozen lake where you will be shown how to break the ice and try your luck at ice fishing. Then sit back around an open fire and enjoy the breathtaking and peaceful surroundings.

  • Ice Fishing Experience – 2 hours – from £105 per adult & £73 per child
  • Ice Fishing by Snowmobile Sleigh with wilderness lunch – 4 hours – from £164 per adult & £115 per child
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Part of Juutua river is the Jäniskoski rapids, raging waters amongst the rocky river bend heading towards Lake Inari. The beautiful Jäniskoski rapids which is one of the 10 rapids along the Juutua river and the largest of them all.
There is a 1km walk to the rapids and then onto camp. Along the way your guide will speak about the river which is an important part of the Inari Sámi Culture. After taking some photos of the rapids, enjoy warm drinks and grilled sausages over an open fire at the camp.

  • Winter Walk to Jäniskoski rapids – 1.5 hours – £68 per adult & £48 per child