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5 Continents visited

100 Kilometres snowmobiled

4 Oceans swam in

I’ve been fortunate enough to turn my lifelong passion for travel into a rewarding career. At 18, I made the decision to follow my original passion, football, on a 4-year scholarship to the USA. Whilst there I was able to explore multiple states and developed a new passion, travel. Since then, I have travelled to Asia, Europe and Africa experiencing other cultures as a solo backpacker!

I love to challenge myself and push my boundaries. An example of this would be when I flew to Bali with no plan, cash, or phone.

I arrived at 11pm with no idea of where I’d stay that first night. I challenged myself to speak with strangers to find my next step. It worked better than I could have imagined!

With Discover the World I have been able to explore the beautiful countries of Finland and Iceland. In Finnish Lapland I snowmobiled through snowstorms, golden hour and even darkness. I was able to walk on water (granted, it was frozen) and enjoy a traditional sauna in a glass igloo.

In Iceland, known as the Land of Fire and Ice, I indulged my adventurous side hiking thousand year old glaciers with breathtaking views over enormous mountains. I snowmobiled on an active volcano and even swam in geothermal water. I witnessed the immense power of Skogafoss and Gullfoss, and ran around Seljandsfoss and discovered hidden waterfalls whilst exploring caves. There's a lot of waterfalls in Iceland. Over 10,000 waterfalls in fact!

I love finding isolated areas off the beaten track and interacting with the people I meet along the way and hearing their stories.

Ben's Top Travel Experiences


snowmobiling in winter sun istk

Snowmobiling through golden hour, on glaciers and an active volcano


iceland sky lagoon thermal spa

Overlooking the ocean from a lagoon in Iceland



Landing in Bali with no phone, cash or plan at 11pm and just hoping it would work out, it did!



Swimming with sharks in Florida



Living in California and cycling in Santa Monica and Venice Beach


south west iceland people walking behind seljalandsfoss rth

Running around Seljandsfoss in Iceland and getting soaked!