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Canada, Alaska, Iceland & Greenland Travel Specialist

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10 Kilometres ran in Longyearbyen

30 Grizzlies seen in the wild

4 World Cups attended

Doug’s travel career started by selling cruises to worldwide destinations before joining Discover the World in 2013 within the Nordic team. Predominately focusing on Iceland, he has experienced the many varying landscapes and spectacular scenery of the country – his favourite part being the Snaefellsnes Peninsula where he enjoyed visiting the volcanic craters, hot springs, rugged coastlines and the opportunity to spot orca.

However, his real passion is wildlife and he moved over to our Worldwide team to focus on the wonderful experiences on offer in Canada and Alaska particularly encounters with bears and whales.

Doug is passionate about this part of North America. His favourite places are the Great Bear Rainforest for the variety of bear species that thrive there and Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland for the hiking opportunities around Western Brook Pond and Tablelands.

My time in Banff was everything I thought it would be and more. The scenery was epic with waterfalls, hoodoos, snow-capped mountains, turquoise rivers and lakes - this place has it all. Absolutely stunning!

Doug's Top Travel Experiences


sweden lapland snowmobile pair icehotel rth

Snowmobiling at the Icehotel across the frozen Torne River


iceland snaefellsnes pod of orca istk

Seeing a massive pod of orcas in Grundarfjordur, Iceland


bristish columbia great bear rainforest wet grizzly crs

Seeing a grizzly bear and it's year-old cub crossing in front of my boat just yards away in the Great Bear Rainforest


tutka bay lodge kayaking

Kayaking in Tutka Bay with porpoises, sea otters and bald eagles keeping me company!


greenland northern lights mountains vg

Seeing the northern lights above Qassiarsuk, Greenland, with epic mountains and icebergs providing the back drop


Humpback whale breaching, Kenai Fjords

Witnessing humpback whales bubble net feeding in the Kenai Fjords

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