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Travel Specialist

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team gary stevens bw

7 Times visited Australia

6 Continents visited

5 Times visited New Zealand

From the moment he graduated, Gary has spent much of his spare time travelling, starting in the US with an extended stay in New York City before setting off on a road trip down the east coast cementing his wanderlust. Gary has journeyed overland through east and southern Africa and has visited South-East Asia several times, including for a period working for a SCUBA diving company in Thailand. He’s travelled in South America, China and India as well as shorter hops around Europe.

Gary has also had the opportunity to live in both Australia and New Zealand, making the most of his time there to explore each widely. Since starting a family, he’s been able to sample a wide range of family-friendly destinations.

Gary's Top Travel Experiences


western australia ningaloo whale shark istk

Seeing a whale shark swim directly overhead, whilst playing hide and seek with a baby turtle when diving in Thailand


Hiking the Tongariro Crossing

Hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing


china great wall of china view istk

Hiking a section of the Great Wall of China


namibia wildlife etosha prowling lion gte

Having a pride of lions walk straight past my tent, whilst on an overland safari in Africa


Maori Marae at Ohinemutu

Learning to do the Haka whilst staying in a Marae


new zealand hectors dolphins akaroa istk

Swimming with Hector Dolphins in Akaroa