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Nordic Travel Specialist

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24 Countries explored

10 Seas/oceans swam in

6 Continents travelled over

I believe that being born in Canada where I spent my formative years had a huge impact on me and the person I was going to be. Like my parents, I have always had a thirst for adventure and a hunger to experience new and exciting places and cultures. Working in travel has given me the chance to explore parts of the world that I never thought I would including; Iceland, Norway, Macedonia, Papua New Guinea and many others.

Samantha's Top Travel Experiences


norway hiking besseggen ridge istk

Hiking across the Besseggen Ridge in Norway


wildlife sea lion underwater istk

Swimming with sea lions in Argentina


norway fjords geirangerfjord kayak pov istk

Kayaking in Aurlandsfjord, Norway


icelandic highlands walking around explosion crater askja rth

Hiking to the rim of dormant volcanoes in Iceland


brazil paragliding istk

Paragliding over Tijuca National Park in Brazil


peru machu picchu istk

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru