#2 Low Carbon Footprint in Norway

Monday, 6th January 2020

Destination Specialist

hardangerfjord winter

Norway is one of the world’s shining examples of green living. This itinerary is designed to keep each student’s carbon footprint as low as possible; ditching the coach for the great Norwegian outdoors!

For younger students this trip is an ideal introduction to important environmental concepts and how they can be targeted. For older students, the examples demonstrated in Norway will provide great opportunities for discussions on UK environmental practices. For example, choose one of the case studies seen in Norway and debate why they should or shouldn’t be implemented in the UK (recycling, HEP, electric cars, and emission free waterways).

Students will stay at Hardangertun Holiday Park, which helps them to embrace their surroundings and work as a team in a series of outdoor activities. In addition to this, Hardangertun is completely green! They implement a strict recycling policy and enforce a code of protecting the natural surroundings. All of the electricity students use will come from hydropower. In this itinerary, students will see the waterfall that generates this hydropower. Plus, speak to your travel specialist if you would like to add visiting the local hydropower plant to your itinerary!

What you'll study:

  • Hydroelectric Energy
  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change
  • Glaciology
norway Steindalsfossen

Norway sustainability by numbers

  • Distance from London: 1,254 miles
  • Cost to carbon offset return flights with World Land Trust: £5.27
  • Environmental Performance Index (EPI) Rating : 77.49
  • 10% of all passenger cars in Norway are Electric.
  • Norwegian fjords are to become the 1st marine ‘emission free zone!’ and the technology even being applied to air travel.

4 days in Norway

Day 1 – Steindalsfossen and Hardangerfjord

We have minimised hours spent on a coach to lower the carbon footprint on the trip, therefore after arriving in Bergen you will head straight to Steindalsfossen. This waterfall is an impressive 50m high and students can walk behind the waterfall, seeing the powerful cascade plummet over them.

Following this, students will head to our exclusive accommodation, Hardangertun Holiday Park. Set on the edge of the stunning Hardangerfjord, Hardangertun is truly a pioneer in sustainable accommodation. During their stay students will embrace the Norwegian culture of reusing and recycling, and their love of the outdoors. They will prepare their own breakfast and lunch, which also enhances their independence and teamwork skills whilst minimising waste.

Day 2 - Via Ferrata Climbing, Zip lining and Canoeing in Hardangertun Fjord

Students will begin their first day exploring the great outdoors by trying their hand at the exhilarating via ferrata climbing, which translates to the “iron path”.

Next, what better way to view the natural scenes around them and get their blood pumping than with a zip wire experience?

After this, students will take to the waters as they canoe through the stunning Hardangerfjord. Norwegian Fjords are home to one of the country’s most impressive environmental campaigns. Their mission is for the Fjords to become emission free by 2026, by only allowing electric ferries to grace the waters.

Day 3 - Husadalen Trek up the Hardangertun Fjord

There is a classic Norweigian saying that perfectly sums up the importance of an outdoor trek for a student’s well-being. The saying is “Ut på tur, aldri sur” translating to “on a hike, never gripe!”

The trek will take students along the Husedalen Trail which follows the Kinso river valley upstream, passing four waterfalls, including Tveitafossen, which is the source for all the power in Hardangertun Holiday Park. They will journey into the hills behind the village, as the land rises up towards the Hardangervidda plateau, Europe’s largest eroded plain.

As well as a fantastic experience to get to know one of the most beautiful parts of Norway’s landscape, and epic for boosting student’s self-esteem, the hike is a great way for students to practise one of Scandanavia’s best environmental practises; Plogging.

Plogging encourages people to get fit outdoors, and also pick up any litter that may be seen along the way. We encourage students to bring a bag with them and join other locals in preserving the natural surroundings. Plus, any rubbish taken back to Hardangertun Holiday Park will be correctly recycled.

Day 4 - Activities in Hardangertun

No opportunity to get outdoors is missed, so before your journey back to Bergen to fly home, students will partake in some tailor-made team building activities.

If you are interested in adding even more action to this itinerary check out our Norway Adventure Itinerary > 

Following in Norway’s footsteps?

Scandinavians are known for being the world’s best recyclers. Norwegians are also trying to reduce their national use of plastic and supermarkets have dramatically reduced the amount of packaging used.

To find out how your school can become Plastic Clever – check out Kids’s Against Plastic’s Plastic Clever Guidance – coming soon!


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