What to pack for Iceland

Sunday, 26th March 2017

Destination Specialist

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Sun and snow, swimming and hiking, glaciers and hot springs – there is a lot to prepare for with a trip to Iceland. You don’t want to drag around a heavy case or be caught without waterproofs near a raging waterfall, so follow our packing guide – we’ve got you covered!
• Passport and EHIC card – hopefully this is not a surprise to any of you, just make sure that everyone’s documents are in date at the time you travel!

• Sleeping bag and pillow case if this is needed for the hostels (plus any sleeping companions that can’t be left at home).

• Swimwear and two towels, one for swimming and one for after showering. Trust us, after the blue lagoon it might not have dried in time for your evening shower.

• Waterproof jacket and trousers – not only for all weathers but for getting up close and personal with waterfalls too!

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• Warm clothing. This may seem obvious, but in winter the temperatures in Iceland are an average of 0°C. We recommend taking layers, wool jumpers, thermals and even thermal under garments to keep you toasty.

• Jeans for indoors only. We all have a great pair of jeans that would good great next to a glacier (don’t we?) but when drops of rain or splashes from waterfalls reach denim it acts like blotting paper and will make it really difficult to stay warm. So, maybe save the skinny jeans for evenings at the hostel.

• Good shoes. They might not be glamourous but hiking boots will be your best friend when you reach the icy paths around Iceland’s most spectacular sights. (Note: carrying blister plasters is lighter than carrying a student with bleeding heels).

iceland glacier walk

• On the topic of ailments, a medicine bag is a must! Include the following day-savers: pain killers, cold and flu medicine, antihistamines, travel-sickness medicine, emergency feminine hygiene products, and Imodium.

• Camera (or more likely a smart phone) to take photos. Make sure you have a charger, a European plug adapter and possibly even spare batteries or an extra memory card if you have a chance to see the aurora borealis.

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• A back pack for your field equipment, lunch, notebook and other bits and pieces you’ll need for the day.

• Glasses – if you wear them, in fact if you wear contact lenses its best to bring your glasses too as dusty conditions can make contacts uncomfortable.

• Sunglasses and sun protection. It may get cold but the sun still shines in Iceland and it can be very bright! Remember just because the sun is behind the clouds, doesn’t mean harmful UV rays aren’t getting through. If you are travelling in the summer months, an eye mask can be the difference between a good and bad night sleep in the daylight evenings.

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And there you have it, the ultimate list of things to pack for Iceland. What could you never leave the house without?

Our travel specialists know exactly what to take on your trip, so get in touch as they will be happy to give some advice. Speak to a travel specialist now on 01737 218 807.

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