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Turtles of Costa Rica

Our 3 main aims for Responsible Travel are to empower students and teachers, minimise our local and global impact and to support local suppliers. To support that mission, we have created an innovative resource on the Turtles of Costa Rica, for you to use in your classroom.

This resource introduces students to the sea turtles of Costa Rica and the importance of their habitat, assesses the dangers that they face and encourages students to consider how they can help. We are also pleased to include an interview with Heike Russell, who works for the Pacuare Leatherback Turtle Reserve in Costa Rica.

Whether you plan to use this resource in your geography or science classroom to support topics on environmental awareness and conservation, or if you are about to go on a trip to Costa Rica, this resource is a great way to get your students talking about the world around them.

Download the Turtles of Costa Rica Resource:

  Turtles of Costa Rica