COVID Assurance at a glance

Below we have outlined a snapshot of what our COVID Assurance offers. The aim of our Assurance is to give you all the benefits of booking your school trip now, with minimal financial risk.

For full details, check out our comprehensive COVID Assurance.

What reasons for cancelling your trip will be covered in our COVID Assurance scheme?

  • FCDO advising against all but essential travel to your destination
  • Department for Education ban on overseas trips
  • A quarantine upon arrival in your trip destination
  • Quarantine is in place in your home country for those arriving from your trip destination
  • National or regional lockdown restrictions which prevent your group from travelling
  • If social distancing regulations would make group travel infeasible

How much of a refund will you receive?

Before Flights are booked 85 – 70 days prior to departure After 70 days prior to departure
Accommodation and Activities cost You will receive 100% of the money you have paid to us. You will receive 100% of the money you have paid to us. At this point, the level of refund we will be able to offer will depend on the reason for cancelling. See full assurance for details.
Flight Cost N/A If the FCDO advises “all but essential travel” leading to your flight being cancelled you will receive a full refund. If you have booked with Icelandair, British Airways or Jet2, you will only be charged a small cancellation fee (£25pp for Icelandair, £40pp for BA, £75 for Norwegian, £30 Play, £30 for Wizz and £30pp for Jet2) if you are cancelling for a reason that falls under our COVID assurance scheme. If you have booked with a low budget airline, we may have to offer less flexibility as we have to commit to the full cost of the flight at the time of booking, which is non-refundable to us. Therefore if you have selected this option, you may not get a refund on the cost of your flights. At this point it is likely that your flight ticket will already have been issued, therefore the flexibility of refund will depend on the airline, reason for cancelling and the destination you are travelling to. See full Assurance for details.