Geography School Trip to The Azores Azores

8 Days from £1325pp

based on 40 students travelling with 4 teacher places (free)

The small collection of Portuguese islands is a haven for geographers. The Archipelago is a leading global case study in the development of renewable and sustainable energy production. On top of environmental geography, the Azores are a hub for physical and human geography too.

By travelling with Discover the World Education, students will be able to hop between islands and experience the most the Azores has to offer!

The itinerary will also take them to the largest Island Sao Miguel. Here they will visit some of the Azores’ most geographically superior locations including the hot springs and fumaroles at Furnas and the Sete Cidades Lake.

Below we have outlined our suggested itinerary to give your students the most out of their geography trip to the Azores, but don’t forget we can tailor make all of our trips to meet your specific requirements and interests simply speak to a travel specialist today.  Check our Shoestring Itinerary for a shorter trip outline.

What's included

  • Return flights via Lisbon from London Gatwick
  • Internal flight from Ponta Delgada to Pico island
  • Hold luggage
  • 7 nights' accommodation
  • Full board
  • A professional guide on days 2 to 7
  • All activities listed in the itinerary below, including climbing Mount Pico,Gruta do Carvao lava tube and much more!
  • Our Covid Assurance

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We believe the benefits of travel should not be lost for the next generation. In order to protect this world we live in and also inspire a new group of young people to fight for our planet, we are developing an approach to Responsible Travel that is founded in facts, empowers young people to take action and involves suppliers at all levels in minimising negative impacts of travel.

We are committed to finding and implementing maintainable strategies which include developing teaching resources, offsetting carbon emissions, benefitting local economies, protecting local cultures and becoming ‘Plastic Clever’ travellers.

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Responsible School Travel

“The Azores was a fantastic location to travel to and one I would recommend to everyone... Thank you for providing excellent staff who clearly are passionate about their jobs and the locations. ”



Fly to Ponta Delgada

Arrive in Ponta Delgada to explore the small capital city. You will find cobbled streets, a dramatic coastline and distinctive painted houses.



Furnas, Terra Nostra Botanical Gardens, Tea Plantation

One of the highlights of any trip to the Azores is the quaint village of Furnas.

Set in the green fields of Sao Miguel, Furnas has a variety of geothermal characteristics that give the village its unique features.

In Furnas, you will not only find bubbling hot mud pools but also a large caldera lake. You can find out more about the village and its geography through the interpretation centre.

Nearby your students will enjoy a visit to Terra Nostra Gardens. The gardens are lush, with brightly coloured flowers, water features and tropical plants. There is also a large geothermal pool. The pool is brown from the iron in the water.

The next stop is the local tea plantation where the expert guides will lead students around the factory to explain the production process and allow the students to sample the teas.



Lago de Fogo, Caldeira Velha, Geothermal & HEP stations

Lago de Fogo (Fogo Lake) has been a nature reserve since 1974 and is a stunning place for your students to hike. Geographers will also be keen to learn more about the caldera which formed the lake here.

On the north slope of the Fogo volcano, you will find Caldeira Velha, a series of warm waterfalls and hot pools where students can have a relaxing soak.

Connect with the curriculum during your afternoon walking trail. The trail heads into the green forest and snakes past waterfalls and scenic lookout points as well as both a geothermal and hydroelectric power plant.



Fly to Pico, Whalers’ Museum, UNESCO Vineyards, Gruta das Torres

On this tour you will visit more than just the main island, Sao Miguel, on day 4 you will take the short flight to Pico.

You will begin with a look back in time. Whaling was a very important business to the Azores until the 1980s and at the Whalers’ Museum students will gain an understanding of how both the economy and culture of the Azores have adapted without this industry.

The fertile volcanic soil means the archipelago has ideal conditions for many plants. Your school group’s next stop is to visit the vineyards on Pico. The grape plants are protected by man-made black stone walls. The whole site was recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004.

Geography school trips aren’t complete without a lava tube visit and at 5km Gruta das Torres is one of the longest in Europe. Students will strap on their helmets and head in to explore the cave with the help of an experienced guide.



Ferry to Faial, Caldeira, Capelinhos Interpretation Centre, Ferry to Pico

What better way to start your day in Faial than by walking the trail around the Caldeira which provides unrivaled views over the whole coast of the island.

Faial is home to one of the most geographically exciting places to visit, Capelinhos. The interpretation centre presents one of the best-documented volcanic eruptions worldwide. The eruption in 1957 lasted 13 months and added 2.5 square kilometres to the island!

Catch the Ferry from the beautiful harbour town of Horta and return to Pico.

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Trip notes:

This trip is based on 40 students travelling with 4 teachers in May 2022. If you would like to add an additional teacher you can do so for an additional £30pp

Geographers would also benefit from the physical geography in the Azores on a Shoestring itinerary. To find out more about a shorter itinerary for your geography group, simply speak to our friendly team.

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