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10 fantastic facts about Sami and reindeer life in Finland

Thursday, 1st September 2016

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Back from his trip to Finland, travel specialist, Bruno gives us 10 fascinating facts about Sami and reindeer life…

1. Reindeer season starts from May where all the reindeer are counted up as reindeer farms can only have a certain quota to make sure the natural surroundings can sustain them

2. In Finland there are 3 types of Sami. Northern Sami are the largest group and have 10,000 speakers. Inari Sami’s come next and then the Skolt Sami

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3. Marks will be put in the reindeers ear to identify their owner. Each owner will have different markings and this is much safer than tagging the reindeer or micro chipping them and is an old Sami tradition

4. There is a lot of meaning to the Sami costumes that were worn. You can tell from a costume which family they come from and if the person is married or not. Their costumes will all be quite similar and include blue and red in their dress. The pattern and detailing will determine their family and status. Some Sami costumes will be worn today for special occasions

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5. Only male reindeers will be used for working on the tours as the females will need to carry the calves

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6. A reindeer will always lose their horns around March time and this will happen once a year. It is not painful at all and will always grown back the same way

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7. Reindeer have a strong sense of smell, and it’s that sense of smell that assist them in finding the lichen under the snow. They can sniff out the plant material through snow that is 60 centimeters deep

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8. The Sami culture have inhabited the northern arctic for more than 5000 years and there have been remains of settlements dating back to 10,000BC

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9. The Sami have now their own parliament in Finland and are involved in decisions regarding their own cultural integrity and well-being

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10. Reindeers are the only mammal whose eyes are known to change colour.

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Feeling inspired?

Did you know, the Sami Siida Museum in Inari, Finland is regarded as one of the best places in the world to learn about the Sami history and culture?

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