6 of our Favourite Arctic Experiences

Wednesday, 12th August 2015

Destination Specialist

greenland kulusuk village cathy harlow

Have you ever heard a glacier groan or a beluga whale sing? Have you seen the northern lights flirt with a snow-dusted forest or held your breath as the midnight sun settles briefly on the lip of the Arctic Ocean? Have you met the gaze of a wild polar bear, smiled at a quivering walrus?

The Arctic is all about unforgettable experiences just like these, and with the launch of our brand new Arctic Experience brochure, we thought we’d share our favourite Arctic experiences with you.

1. Spitsbergen

arctic spitsbergen kayaking excursion ae

Paddle a sea kayak through the frozen seas of Spitsbergen, Norway. Nothing gets you closer to Arctic wildlife than this!

“Voyaging around Spitsbergen was an incredible experience, but what really made it for me was the opportunity to kayak high above the Arctic Circle. We came face-to-face with walrus, were followed by a curious bearded seal and dive-bombed (unintentionally!) by hundreds of fledging thick-billed murres as they plummeted from sea-cliffs on their first atetmpts to fly. But perhaps, the best of all was the sheer exhilaration of paddling through breash ice, crunching our way through in the shadow of immense glaciers – pure joy!” – Liz Lunnon, Head of Worldwide Product

Experience this for yourself on our Introduction to Spitsbergen tour

2. Sweden

sweden abisko aurora sky station northern lights1 pr

See the northern lights in Abisko, Sweden. This is one of the best places in the world for witnessing the aurora!

“Standing on top of Abisko watching the aurora dance across the sky… The lights started as a horseshoe-shaped glow in the distance and then dispersed. The glow returned and spread across the sky before ebbing and flowing for several hours. The experience was topped on the walk back to the hotel when the aurora seemed to be sneaking through the trees behind me like naughty imps!” – Mark Champagne, Scandinavia Travel Specialist

Experience this for yourself on our Northern Lights, Abisko & the Icehotel tour

3. Iceland

iceland north east myvatn kalfastrond sunset rth

Tour Iceland under the midnight sun. With almost 24 hours of daylight, the scenery is simply stunning!

“The protracted dusk that sets Iceland a-glow on summer nights might not quite amount to true midnight sun, but ‘almost’ is definitely good enough here. The long hours of daylight allow you to spend longer exploring Iceland’s numerous beauty-spots and hidden gems, and often you can have the most famous places almost to yourself visiting in the evening or early morning. I loved watching puffins preen and seabirds squawk as the sun finally dipped below the horizon, and it’s incredible light for photographers too.” Paolo Bonato, Iceland Product Manager

4. Greenland

greenland icebergs blue ice qe

Drift with Icebergs in Greenland. East Greenland is easy to get to – you can even combine it with Iceland!

“Visiting Ammassalik in East Greenland I was lucky enough to go on a boat trip to spot icebergs. The weather was amazing: bright sunshine and the water clear and calm. We saw bergs up to 15m high and you could also peer over the side of the boat and see how far down under the sea they went. With the sun glistening over the small ripples in the ocean, it was a very beautiful moment and my photos couldn’t quite capture how amazing it actually was.” – Amy Gibbs, Nordic Sales Manager.

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5. Norway

northern norway midnight sun north cape vnor

Journey to the North Cape in Norway. Gaze across the Arctic Ocean from the northern tip of mainland Europe!

“Excitement bubbles start in your belly as you walk up to the globe that marks the most northerly point of mainland Europe. Looking out across the cliff top, the panoramic views are breath taking. If you can resist the urge, however, walk through the visitor centre first, watch the 20-minute film about the history of the North Cape, and then stroll outside to the globe. it will be much quieter and you will get some fantastic photos with less people in them.” – Amy Gibbs, Nordic Sales Manager

6. Sweden

Sweden Icehotel Main Hall Photo Paulina Holmgren

Admire cool art at the ICEHOTEL. A must for all lovers of style and adventure! For a real treat, book an Art Suite.

“The very first Icehotel was the result of friends Par Granlund and Yngve Bergqvist’s vision to build an igloo that would be a meeting place which would cross cultural boundaries and symbolise local traditions, nature, history and the environment. The little town of Jukkasjarvi, which actually means ‘meeting place by the lake’, has been a centre for trade and commerce amongst the native Sami for around 400 years – now it would attract ice artists and visitors from around the globe. Their vision has been brought to life, year after year, on the banks of the frozen River Torne. The first igloo, a simple art gallery, had just 50 square meters of floor space, visited mainly by curious locals. Growing in size annually in a never-to-be-repeated design, ice rooms were included in the late nineties and the Icehotel remains one of the most spectacular art galleries in the world.”  – Sari Kaufmann, Head of Nordic Product

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