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Senior Tailor Made Travel Specialist - Worldwide

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3 Shark species swam with

1 Salsa dance in Cuba

3 Icehotel visits

Jo joined the company over two decades ago and has built up a wealth of experience. However, her real passion is wildlife watching, particularly looking for whales and dolphins and she has seen over 20 species of cetaceans all around the world.

She has travelled extensively to many of our destinations including Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen, Antarctica, the Falklands, South Georgia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, the Icehotel in Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, St Helena, South Africa, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina.

Jo loves small ship cruising, which allows her to get close to the nature she adores and to date has completed 11 voyages including visiting both polar regions as well as French Polynesia, Alaska and the Galapagos.

Her favourite places are Antarctica, South Georgia and Hawaii for wildlife watching; French Polynesia for a cultural and spiritual destination and Cuba as a fascinating overall destination.

Pleneau Bay in Antarctica - We arrived into Pleneau Bay for our zodiac excursion with the sun beating down on us, the sky a dark shade of blue and no clouds to be seen. We cruised slowly amongst icebergs the size of buildings and we could see the icicles hanging off them, shimmering in the sunlight. The formations were fascinating and we saw crabeater and leopard seals chilling out on the bergs. Then to our surprise we heard a whale blow and turned around to see a minke whale right near us! Fantastic!

Jo C's Top Travel Experiences


south georgia king penguins on beach istk

Being surrounded by thousands of king penguins and elephant seals on South Georgia


antarctic peninsula inquisitive gentoo penguin chick inspecting tourist istk

Having a penguin chick try to chew my wellington boot in Antarctica


bora bora swimming with manta ray istk

Learning Polynesian dancing and swimming with reef tip sharks and sting rays in French Polynesia


sweden lapland icehotel northern lights rth

Seeing the northern lights dancing across the sky over the frozen lake at the Icehotel


british columbia great bear lodge bear with salmon

Seeing a grizzly bear for the first time and watching her eating salmon by the side of the river


east greenland scoresbysund zodiac iceberg arch rth

Quietly cruising past icebergs the size of buildings swathed in mist in a Zodiac boat in Greenland

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