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Amazing Views of Iceland, A Photo Gallery of the East

Saturday, 30th May 2020

iceland north lake lagarfljot near egilsstadir istk

There is so much to discover in East Iceland, it is one of the most beautiful places in the country – but many travellers are still yet to visit this place in the world. We’ve rounded up our favourite photos of the east, to showcase haw majestic it is and why you should really consider adding it your must-visit travel list.

Black Sand Beaches

Stokksnes is one of the most unique black sand beaches in Iceland because of the mountain meeting the ocean and the way the tufts of grass stand on top of small hills of black sand. It is also one of the best beaches in Iceland for seeing the northern lights as it is so dark.


Studlagil Canyon

In the valley Jökuldalur (Glacier Valley) in East Iceland there is a marvellous natural site that is hardly known about. Stuðlagil Canyon is one of the world’s most enchanting basalt rock formations.



Seyðisfjörður is a lively fishing village in East Iceland and one of the most charming towns in the country.


Driving the Ring Road


Lake Myvatn

Located in the heart of north-east Iceland, Lake Myvatn is the 4th biggest is the country and home to some incredible geological features, a wealth of flora and fauna, and surrounded by many unbelievable sites.


Hiking Trails



The third highest waterfall in Iceland, Hengifoss, is an eye-catching sight due to it’s striking red clay and black basalt patterns on its cliff face.





One of the most photographed location spots in East Iceland, on the Stokksnes peninsula. Vestrahorm has dramatic peaks reaching up to 454 meters (1490 ft) and rises out of a flat, black sand beach.






Feeling Inspired?

Find out more about our holidays to the East of Iceland or contact our Travel Specialists to discuss your options to include the east in your holiday plans. Want to know our top things to do in East Iceland, read more here.