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Extraordinary ways to get around Swedish Lapland

Sunday, 16th August 2015

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Have you ever sledged across a frozen river? Searched for the northern lights on an Icelandic horse, or whizzed across the snow on a thrilling snowmobile? Travelling to Swedish Lapland is an adventure in itself. And, once you arrive, the fun doesn’t stop!

To help you create an unforgettable Swedish Lapland holiday, here’s our pick of the best ways to get around…

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1. Husky Sledding

There are more dogs than people in Swedish Lapland and the ultimate way to explore the pristine forested surrounds has to be by sled, pulled by a team of ever-eager dogs. The sight and sounds of a sled, whooshing through the snow and the dogs barking every time the sled stops, is something you’ll never forget. It’s surprisingly easy to pick up (and the dogs do understand English!) but if you prefer to simply sit in the sled and enjoy the scenery, you can do that too as there are husky trips of various types and durations.

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2. Snowmobiling

If husky sledding is the ultimate way to explore Swedish Lapland, snowmobiling comes a close second. You’ll soon become familiar with the distinctive sounds of the engines as this is a popular mode of transport in these parts, and they are so much fun! After short instruction, you can be off and away exploring the countryside on a number of different trips. A full driving license is required in order to drive one of these powerful machines; alternatively you can opt to ride as a passenger. If travelling with children, you can simply sit in a sled pulled by a snowmobile!

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3. Cross-country Skiing

Why not take a sled ride – pulled by a snowmobile across the frozen river Torne – to the village of Poikkijarvi. After an introduction to the technique, try cross-country skiing on the specially made trails, whilst the guide prepares the camp fire and hot drinks. You could even keep the skis for the rest of the day to practise your skills!

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4. Horseriding

Sure-footed Icelandic horses take even the most inexperienced riders out on an evening treks in search of the northern lights (the length of the ride is dependent on aurora viewing conditions). Afterwards, you can enjoy a dinner in a Sami hut. Alternatively, you can opt for a daytime trek in search of moose, where lunch is included.

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5. Reindeer Sledding

Drive your own reindeer sled through unspoilt forest and have a glimpse of Sami culture. Back at camp, feed your reindeer and enjoy a traditional Sami lunch in a lavvu (tent). Please note, the minimum age to drive the sled is 16 and as the reindeer are wild and mostly untrained, extra care must be taken when in close contact. Safety helmets are provided and are recommended for your comfort and safety.

sweden lapland hovercraft winter

6. Hovercraft on pack ice

This is the only place you can experience the sensation of floating over pack ice in Swedish Lapland, and it’s one not to be missed! Before you head out over Lulea’s ice-covered archipelago, you can enjoy a warm beverage and an interesting de-brief. Discover pack ice fields, icebergs and often you’ll see 10-metre high walls of ice. By the island of Brandoskar, you have the opportunity to walk on the ice and visit an old chapel located on the island. After a light meal, you’re free to explore the island where the possibility of spotting seal or eagles are likely.

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