First Impressions of Art Suites at Icehotel 25

Monday, 15th September 2014

Destination Specialist

icehotel under the arctic skin

The 25th Icehotel is on its way – the artists and suites have been announced, so here’s what we know about the Art Suites so far… Browse our collection of Icehotel breaks here.


Tomaz Czajkowski, Eryk Marks – Poland

The history of art forgets the unknown artists. […] No one remembers our beginnings, our very roots.

Inspired by the cultural melting pot of rural eastern parts of Poland, childhood home of the artists, this suite infuses folk art with traditional craftmanship.

Forest Fairy

Benny Ekman  Sweden

Once upon a time there were five fellows… It was a Friday in February the fellows fled into the forest to find the fairy…

icehotel 25 Forest Fairy Benny Ekman Sweden mid

The Forest Fairy suite is a landscape of trees made of ice; the forest fairy sits in a lake of ice in the far end of the room, behind her, we see the sky of ice.

Two as one

Jose Carlos Cabello Millan  Spain

That moment of perfection when two people are united in one single feeling. Complementing each other, moving as one single element.

This abstract suite experience features a set of elegant sculptures that represent the two lovers, and their unity and balance in an icy kiss.

Time piece

Emma Curdén, Theodor Fahlén, Gabriella Bulin – Sweden

Time is now and then and what will be. It is the beating of your heart and the rush of the experience and life. It is the slow crawl of waiting alone.

Time itself is manifested through depicting the inner workings of a clock in ‘Timepiece’ – a tick frozen time.

White Lullaby

Shingo Saito, Natsuki Saito – Japan

The concept draws on the child’s lullaby. When it silences, you drift off to sleep, waiting to see what adventures tomorrow will bring.

The couple from Hokkaido behind last year’s Frozty Flower suite returns with White Lullaby – a peaceful, white garden with stars glittering in the ceiling.

Enikos Inn

Markus Lemke, Rolf Nylinder – Sweden

The underlying story is about the search for a place to call home.

When you walk in to Enikos Inn, you find yourself inside a giant bell pepper – which, like in real life, makes an excellent home for a worm like Eniko.

Prime mate

Ulrika Tallving- Sweden, Urs Koller – Switzerland

Surrounded by large leaves and your best friends, your prime mates, the cool atmosphere of the hotel paradoxically mirrors a humid rainforest.

This suite is designed to raise awareness of the fate of endangered orang-utans.


Edith Maria Van de Wetering, Wilfred Stijger – The Netherlands

The suite will feature ice columns which are hollowed out and if you look carefully, you can see trees inside.

This suite is created by a Dutch artist duo that has made some of Icehotel’s most prominent suites in past years. This time, they’ve sourced inspiration from spring, when everything starts to grow again.

7.5° Rø

Wolfgang Luchow, Sebastian Andreas Scheller, Anja Kilan – Germany

In 1701, the danish astronomer Ole Christensen Romer invented the first thermometer with two fixed points. […] According to Romer, ice has a melting/freezing point of 7.5° RØ

The concept of 7.5° Rø plays with materiality of space. It’s divided into 12 square frames, each tilted by 7.5 degrees to the previous frame, gradually rotating until you reach the bed.


Fernando Inçaurgarat, Nadia Inçaurgarat, Sofia Sol Inçaurgarat – Argentina

Chess is a game, but at the same time it is a concept about life. The duality between two opponents; good and evil, feminine and masculine, right and wrong.

This suite is a chess game and you are invited to play in amongst the giant sculptures representing the king, queen, bishop, knight, rook and pawn.


Francisco Cortés Zamudio – Sweden (Chile)

icehotel 25 Renaissance2 by Francisco Cortes Zamudio mid

(this suite is also still a bit of a mystery…)


Hans Abrahamsson, Ann-Louice Abrahamsson – Sweden

A pack of wolves push through the forest […] They are challenging the lone lynx, standing on a cliff in the moonlight.

This sibling duo captures a drama between the great predatory animals native to Lapland. The scene is taking place in a time when there were more of them than there is today.

Hot type in a cold setting

Charli Kasselbäck, John Bark – Sweden

The guest who enters Hot Type finds himself in the middle of the printing process, right in between types and print.

icehotel 25 Hot Type in a Cold Setting by John Bark Charlie Kaseelback Sweden mid

This suite is a celebration to the very core of the art of printing, the magical moment when the type meets the surface and readable words, sentences and texts take shape.


Lena Kriström, Nina Hedman – Sweden

Looks that meet; looks that talk. Curious looks, annoyed looks, the feeling of someone’s eyes on your back.

The bed in Synstrålar is partly surrounded by pillars and gothic-inspired corbels that capture the looks we encounter in everyday life.

Abject beauty

Lotta Lampa, Julia Gamborg Nielsen – Sweden

The altered balance in the nature of the objects gives a feeling of change and possibilities.

The artists behind Abject Beauty want to create a platform for contemplation where perspectives change by immersing you in an outsized, sculptural world.


Luc Voisin, Mathieu Brison – France

If there is one artistic style known for expressing luxury and enjoyment in art history…

This suite gives the ever-contemporary Icehotel a touch of 17th century opulence with carved partitions, a chaise-longue, a giant candelabra, and a gloriously sculpted bed frame.


Javier Opazo, Cristian Winckler – Chile

The sculptor uses abstract art to create a feeling of sobriety, simplicity and elegance.

Blending modern with the antique in this luxury suite, Opazo’s suite is divided into three separate areas by ice walls and pillars. The first section has a champagne table, the second a seating area with a sofa and table made of ice and snow, and finally the sleeping area.

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