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Maddie’s Guide to the Icehotel

Friday, 6th July 2018

Destination Specialist

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The Icehotel in Swedish Lapland has been built, lovingly crafted and then allowed to melt back into the Torne River over 30 times. Each incarnation is unique and special, but some capture the imagination more than others.

We caught up with Maddie, our very own on-the-ground Icehotel representative for some top tips on planning the perfect Icehotel break this winter…

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Do I have to sleep on ice?

Not at all. There’s a choice of warm and cold accommodation at the Icehotel. We can arrange for you to stay in cosy chalets for your whole stay if you like – you’ll still be able to explore the Icehotel during the day. However, I’d strongly recommend a night on ice! It’s an incredible experience and many people find that the cool, fresh air and tranquillity inside the Icehotel gives them a great night’s sleep. The beds have an ice base with a thick mattress, reindeer furs and pillows on top. You’re given a thermal sleeping bag to sleep in and you’re woken up with a delicious cup of warm lingonberry juice.

What if I need the bathroom during the night?

Don’t worry, there’s a separate heated building alongside the Icehotel with changing rooms, toilets, showers and saunas. If you choose one of the Deluxe Suites, you’ll not only be surrounded by breathtaking ice sculptures, but you will also have a heated ensuite bathroom (some with a sauna) that’s reached through a space-station-style chamber to keep temperatures constant in each area.

How do I get to the Icehotel?

You fly to Kiruna Airport in Swedish Lapland via Stockholm and then it is just a 20-minute transfer to the Icehotel. Or 80 minutes if you’re heading to Abisko National Park first. You can add on a few nights in Sweden’s capital if you wish.

What’s there to do?

Where do I start…?! As if the Icehotel itself wasn’t reason enough to jump on a flight, there’s an amazing range of activities available. We can pre-book ice-sculpting workshops, husky safaris, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, reindeer sledding, a winter survival course, indulgent sauna ritual and much more.

Will I see the northern lights?

Well, the Icehotel is plumb in the middle of the Auroral Oval, 200km north of the Arctic Circle. We can boost your chances by organising aurora hunting excursions by snowmobile or husky sled from the Icehotel. Or how about a trip combining the Icehotel with nearby Abisko National Park – it’s one of the best places in the world for northern lights watching.

What’s the food and drink like?

Fancy a Dogsled Sour in an ice glass? Sipping cocktails at the Icebar is a must-do, but we can also arrange a gourmet meal served on plates of ice at the Icehotel Restaurant or a special dinner in the wilderness. Award-winning food and drink is all part of the magic of an Icehotel holiday.

Why should I choose Discover the World?

We fell under the spell of the Icehotel when it was first created back in 1990 and now, all these years later, we’re proud to be its leading worldwide partner. Our Travel Specialists have become the best Icehotel experts in the business. They’ll be able to explain the various accommodation options available and tailor-make a break that includes your choice of activities…

Take me there!

Experience the magic of one of the world’s iconic hotels, spend one night on ice, two in warm accommodation and a choice of activities on our 3-night Icehotel break, or consider combining with Abisko National Park, Lulea, Stockholm, Tromso and even Iceland!

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