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Natural Nights Out in New Zealand – Spotlight on Atatu PurePod

Friday, 15th September 2023


On a recent visit to New Zealand, our Head of Product, Liz checked out some amazing places to stay for anyone looking to add a ‘night in nature’ into their New Zealand adventure. Below she recounts her night at Atatu PurePod in the Greta Valley, around 90 minutes north of Christchurch on South Island.

It wasn’t until we emerged from the trees, slightly out of breath, that Atatu PurePod finally revealed itself. Perched majestically on the top of the hill, our home for the night commanded spectacular views in all directions. The distant hillside was scattered with grazing sheep, while to the east the blue sea sparkled in the afternoon sun. But our attention was captured by our accommodation.

With glass walls, ceiling and floor, New Zealand’s PurePods are an ingenious combination of design and sustainability, offering surprisingly comfortable accommodation in exceptional settings. Our PurePod had everything we needed without compromising on the views – from transparent chairs to the clever use of mirrors and carefully designed storage. Every detail has been thought through.

We pulled back the huge bi-fold doors to enter and it didn’t take long to discover the selection of games, binoculars and stargazing chart, well-stocked kitchen and essential facilities (I’m pleased to confirm there was a solid wooden door to the toilet and, for those seeking privacy, a blind was available to cover the floor-to-ceiling external window.


Outside, the reclining chairs on the deck were the perfect place to relax and soak up the remoteness – the only sound was native birdsong and the occasional sheep bleating. We cracked open a bottle of NZ wine and enjoyed a stunning sunset, before turning our attention to dinner. Our hosts had provided a delicious dinner hamper, beautifully presented and full of homemade treats: local cheeses and chutneys, freshly-baked bread and gingered figs. Our main course was venison medallions (with simple instructions on how to cook them on the barbecue), accompanied by coleslaw, salad and potato wedges.

As the scarlet sunset gave way to the dark night, we watched the first pinpricks of stars appear above. Before long the whole sky was swathed in stars – there’s really nothing like the southern skies to make you appreciate the majesty of the cosmos. And when it grew too cold on the deck we went inside, cranked up the underfloor heating and laid back on the bed to admire the stars through the glass ceiling.

At some point in the night the weather turned. The clear skies closed over, the wind picked up and rain poured down. It was quieter than you might expect given the glass roof, and we found that it actually added to the cosy feel inside, snuggled up, watching the rain lashing the windows.

The sun returned as we enjoyed a long leisurely breakfast, and as we walked back down the hill to the car we were accompanied by an inquisitive little fantail – a fitting farewell from this most immersive stay in nature.


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