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Tips for sleeping on ice

Thursday, 22nd August 2019

ice bed in cesares wake art suite at icehotel ak

Spending a night in an ice hotel has become one of those experiences that you have to do at least once in your life. OK, perhaps it’s not for everybody, but the idea of sleeping in a sub-zero bedroom surrounded by exquisitely carved ice and snow surely piques the interest. Ice hotels transcend mere ‘accommodation’, becoming travel icons.

‘Sleeping on ice’ isn’t a conventional overnight experience, but many people find it’s one of the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had. Preparation is the key, so read our top tips for how to sleep in ice at the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland.

1) Don’t settle down too early

Acclimatise in the Icebar with a delicious cocktail made from local ingredients such as cloudberry and vodka, naturally…

2) Don your thermals

Making use of the heated changing room in the Riverside Lobby, discard your outer layers leaving just your thermals and warm socks. Grab a fleece (just in case), hat and glove liners and put on your snow boots and outer jacket. Leave anything that you will not need during the night in your locker (right next to the sauna).

3) Head to your ice room

Complete your ablutions making sure to avoid applying any water-based skin products and collect your sleeping bag and liner and walk to your room for the night.

sweden lapland icehotel sleeping bag rth

4) Preserve your body heat

Lay out your sleeping bag open on the reindeer skin and slide the liner inside. Remove your boots and place them at the side of the bed. Quickly scramble into your liner in the sleeping bag. Take off your jacket, stuffing it down to the bottom of the sleeping bag and then wriggle down until your feet touch the bottom of the liner and zip up your bag. Put on your hat, (gloves optional) and relax!

5) Persevere

If you don’t sleep straight away, just relax, breathe and enjoy the experience. It’s an adventure after all.

6) Wakey wakey

You will be woken up the next morning by one of the staff with a cup of warm lingonberry juice. When you’re ready, clamber out of the sleeping bag, retrieving your jacket and step into your boots.

7) Freshen up

Return to the adjacent Riverside Lobby for a hot sauna and shower before heading out on your day’s activities.

Feeling Inspired?

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