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Top Things to do in Greenland

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Vast and remote with incredible landscapes and ancient cultures, Greenland is an off the beaten track destination which is a fascinating place to explore in its own right, or in combination with some time in Iceland. Here are our most recommended things to do while you’re there.

1. Experience life on the edge of the habitable world

Immerse yourself in the cultural traditions and spectacular scenery of East Greenland’s remote communities. Accessible via flights from Iceland, Kulusuk and Taasilaq are among the most isolated communities in the world and a visit reveals the extraordinary resilience of Greenlandic people. Cruise or paddle amongst mighty icebergs in search of whales and other wildlife, hike through wildflower meadows, over glaciers and alongside deep fjords, and meet the locals.

Suggested itineraries: Traditional East Greenland

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2. Marvel at the icebergs

If there’s one thing that Greenland is famous for, it’s ice. An incredible 85% of Greenland lies below an ice sheet which is 14 times the size of England; and where one of the world’s most active glaciers meets the sea at the UNESCO World Heritage Disko Bay, icebergs can be several kilometres long. Sail amongst the huge icebergs in the bay for an experience you’ll never forget.

Suggested itinerary: Essential West Greenland

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3. Hit the trail on foot

Greenland’s pristine landscapes are a hiker’s paradise. During summer, the coastal fringe reveals verdant valleys, some alive with wildflowers and glacier trails to viewpoints that will take your breath away. Set out to explore the dramatic landscape on a series of well-paced day walks.

Suggested itineraries: Hiking in South Greenland

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4. Discover the Vikings

Follow in the footsteps of a famous Viking, Erik the Red, and explore the lush green lands of South Greenland where he built his ancient settlement. This area is only lightly touched by human habitation, so as you explore rugged glaciers and soft pebble beaches, hills and heath you’ll be able to imagine yourself there a thousand years ago…

Suggested itinerary: South Greenland Explorer

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5. Go in search for the northern lights

Take a voyage of discovery along Greenland’s extensive coastline as the Arctic summer turns into autumn, and – as it’s the start of the aurora season – there’s a good chance that the northern lights will appear. By day there’s the chance to spend plenty of time ashore, with a variety of walking, hiking, and trekking excursions available.

Suggested itinerary: Spitsbergen to East Greenland

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6. Cruise the world's longest fjord

Explore is the world’s longest and widest fjord, Scoresby Sund in East Greenland. The fjord extends 350km inland and boasts truly spectacular scenery and is best explored on a small ship expedition cruise. Watch out for musk ox and visit the tiny village of Ittoqqortoormiit, the most northerly settlement on the East coast.

Suggested itinerary: Scoresby Sund Explorer

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7. Go husky sledding

Husky teams are still a vital part of the daily routine in East Greenland, and are used both as a means of transport and for hunting expeditions. Explore the snowy wilderness by husky sledge and learn about a way of life that is unique to the Arctic region.

Suggested itinerary: Tailor made holiday in spring

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8. Watch for whales under the midnight sun

Over the summer months, Disko Bay attracts large pods of humpback whales to its waters. Enjoy first-class whale watching encounters at close range as these cetaceans circle your vessel, feed undisturbed by your presence, or play together in the chilly waters. Of course, as with all wildlife watching, whale sightings can’t be guaranteed, but the spectacular surroundings provide ample compensation if your search is unsuccessful.

Suggested itinerary: Discover Greenland

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9. Experience Inuit culture

Uncover the fascinating history of the Inuit, which dates back over 4000 years, as you journey far north to Qaanaaq. Learn about the Saqqaq, Dorset and Thule cultures and meet the descendants of these early settlers, who retain many traditions as they continue a subsistence lifestyle in the wild landscapes of Greenland’s west coast.

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10. Voyage high into the Arctic

Discover the wider Arctic on an expedition voyage between the Canadian High Arctic and West Greenland’s striking coastline. Visit remote communities, spectacular fjords and historic sites as you cruise under the glow of the midnight sun in search of bowhead whales, polar bears and a wealth of marine birds.

Suggested itinerary: Northwest Passage

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