Volcano Hotline

For many years we’ve been sending our clients to experience the splendour of Iceland’s volatile landscape – brooding volcanoes, seething geothermal springs, steaming lava flows and, from time to time, live eruptions!

These tend to occur once every five years, but are also fickle and hard to predict precisely. Eruptions may last only days or sometimes, months and can be part of a recurring period of activity. This is currently being seen on the Reykjanes Peninsula in south west Iceland, where between March 2021 and March 2024, there were no fewer than seven fissure eruptions. An incredible eighth eruption started on 29 May 2024 near Sundhnúkur and is ongoing.

Most eruptions in Iceland are in remote locations meaning sightseeing trips are possible to arrange, when it is safe and appropriate. In the current instance, trips are limited to aerial sightseeing with helicopter flights available from Reykjavik. It may also be possible to view the activity on a flight into Keflavik airport.

The country has one of the world’s most effective volcanic preparedness measures with sophisticated monitoring systems that allow locals and visitors alike to not only live with volcanoes but also embrace these natural wonders. Read more in our blog.

Sign-up to our hotline and we will be in touch when, and if, it is possible to view an eruption.

Sign-up to our Volcano Hotline

Iceland Volcano Disruption Protection

We are proud of our excellent reputation for looking after our clients, without question. Should the unexpected occur our team of dedicated Travel Specialists are on call 24/7 to make any necessary alternative plans at no cost to you.

Terms & Conditions: We are unable to extend this guarantee to any other independent travel arrangements booked by you (eg. travel to/from the airport, your own flights or other arrangements not booked through Discover the World). Our Volcano Disruption Protection applies only to holidays to Iceland, for disruption caused by volcanic activity.