How to become a ‘Plastic Clever’ School

Thursday, 9th January 2020

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We are on a mission to get 100 (or more) schools to sign up to become 'Plastic Clever' in 2020!

We’ve teamed up with inspirational teenage activists Amy and Ella of Kids Against Plastic, to help schools take simple steps to reduce the single use plastic produced in their classrooms and school grounds.

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What is a Plastic Clever School?

A Plastic Clever school is a school that is actively working to reduce single use plastic from students and teachers alike. Kids Against Plastic suggest starting with the ‘Big 4’ plastic polluters; cups (and lids), straws, bottles and bags. They have designed useful tools and tips to engage your students and help your school take charge of the plastic problem.

4 steps to Plastic Clever

1. Sign up

Use our form to sign up to become a Plastic Clever school and Kids Against Plastic will send you a digital toolkit, printable poster and support to start your school’s journey.

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2. Spread the word in your school

Kick off your Plastic Clever campaign with a school assembly or classroom presentation to get your students on board.

3. Take Action

Now the real work begins! Choose one of the Big 4 items to target and start building a strategy to reduce the use of this item in your school. For example, encourage students to bring refillable bottles to work, provide water fountains and provide recycle options where plastic bottles can’t be avoided.

4. Share your story

Once you have completed the Plastic Clever steps, get in touch with Kids Against Plastic and you will receive a certificate to share online to inspire your colleagues and other school to follow in your footsteps.

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Get inspired...

What better way to start your Plastic Clever journey than by using our free teaching resources designed to raise awareness of the threats to life below water. Take  a look at Kids Against Plastics videos of plastic in the ocean around the islands of the Azores, learn about how whales in Iceland are effected by plastic and even study the turtles who are struggling to live with plastic floating in the waters around Costa Rica.

Turtles in Costa Rica >

Kids Against Plastic research micro-plastics in the Azores >

Whales in Iceland >

More Responsible School Travel tips>

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