If you loved South Iceland, discover the North East

Thursday, 29th June 2017

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South West Iceland is ideal for running your first trip to Iceland but there is so much to also see in the North East…

Why North East Iceland?

It remains mostly undiscovered by tourists which means your students can glimpse geographical features up close. With new direct flights from the UK to Egilsstadir beginning in April 2019, it is now easier and more convenient than ever to explore this region.


If you loved the Blue Lagoon, you’ll love Nature Baths at Myvatn

Blue lagoon vs nature baths

The Blue Lagoon remains one of Iceland’s most iconic attractions, however, the Nature Baths at Lake Myvatn are equally as beautiful and most importantly equally as warm. The Waters are a consistent temperature of 38-40°C and you’ll find these milky blue waters are considerably less crowded and better value for money that the Blue Lagoon.


If you loved Gullfoss, you’ll love Dettifoss

gull foss vs dettifoss

There is no shortage of waterfalls in Iceland, however, if you are worried that nothing can compare to the huge two-tiered majesty of Gullfoss, we think you’ll be impressed with Dettifoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall!


If you loved Thingvellir, you’ll love Myvatn

thingvellier vs myvatn

Thingvellir in the South West is a part of the North Atlantic rift system and demonstrates the divergent North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Myvatn is a volcanic region in the north with pitted moon-like pseudocraters clustered on the south shore, formed when lava flowed over marshy ground, causing steam explosions.


If you loved Kerid, you’ll love Hverfjall

kerid vs hverfall

Hverfjall, like Kerid, is a volcanic crater which is thought to have been formed by an explosive eruption. Hverfjall is not a traditional tourist stop and you will be amazed at how this hidden gem has preserved its rugged charm.


If you loved Seljalandsfoss, you’ll love Hengifoss

seljalandsfoss vs hengifoss

These two tall and slender waterfalls are iconic to their respective regions. Standing tall at 128m, Hengifoss is Iceland’s third tallest waterfall and shows clear evidence of how it was formed. The pattern of alternating red and brown/black strata was formed as clay become trapped between successive layers of ash and basalt, turning red as the iron content in the clay oxidised by the volcanic material.


If you loved Solheimajokull, you’ll love Svinafellsjokull

solheimjokull vs svinafellsjokull

If extending your trip to the South East, you will be able to hike on Svinafellsjokull, a glacial outlet in Skaftafell. This geographer’s wonderland is part of the Vatnajökull ice cap, Europe’s second largest glacier and Iceland’s largest national park.


If you love the South Coast, you’ll love the North and East coasts

coasts comparison

Dyrholaey and the neighbouring black sand beach of Reynisfjara on the south coast are very popular with tourists. The Tjornes Peninsula on Iceland’s northern coast is lesser known but equally as geologically fascinating. The fossil layers found here were formed at the end of the Tertiary period and locally found fossils include petrified wood, fossilised crystalline, whale and shark bones and lignite. The dramatic coastlines of the eastern fjords of Iceland are also very impressive, often shadowed by mesmerising mountains and scattered with idyllic fishing villages.

Direct flights to Egilsstadir will be available from 6th to 10th April 2019.

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