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We want to support teachers beyond our school trips. 


We are proud to deliver teaching resources all year round to support your teaching both inside and outside the classroom. Our range of resources include classroom activities, quizzes, and assessment mats, helping you to bring life to the classroom.


Our strategic partnership with the Geographical Association aims to make the benefits of international field studies more accessible to geography students. Therefore we have produced a variety of free geography resources, especially tailored to fulfill this aim.


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Big Languages Quiz- Summer 2024- Website Asset
The Big Summer Languages Quiz

Now launched!

Big Geog Quiz- Website- Media Card 1
The Big Summer Geography Quiz

Now launched!

Picture of children making hearts with their hands with Voss river in Norway in the background
The Ultimate Language Learning Toolkit

Our brand-new MFL classroom resource especially designed to be easily adaptable to any language classroom setting.

Big geog quiz website image
The Big Christmas Geography Quiz

Your students (and teachers) will have snow much fun testing their knowledge with 8 customisable rounds perfect for KS3+ including:

Picture of Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland over a cliff with green moss
GIS Iceland Interactive Map

Everything you need to use GIS Iceland in your geography lessons.

Surtsey Volcano Eruption
Surtsey Eruption

This case study explores the famous Surtsey eruption and provides an understanding of why this eruption was so significant.

iceland eyjafjallajokull ash cloud horses
Eyjafjallajokull: A Geography Case Study

Geography case study of the famous 2010 eruption in Iceland.

iceland hveragerdi town aerial shot
Changing Places: Hveragerdi, Iceland

Amazing aerial footage together with interviews give the viewer an introduction into the development of Hveragerdi and a consideration of the factors that have shaped the nature of this changing place.

italy naples video still simon
Living in the shadow of Italy’s volcanoes

Explore tectonic hazards in Bay of Naples, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. Includes interviews with local experts and residents.

Solheimajokull in 2007 download
Solheimajokull: A Geography Case Study

Explore the changes taking place on one of Iceland's most visited glaciers, Solheimajokull.

iceland lava eruption in 2010 fimmvorduhals eyjafjallajokull rth
Comparing Lava Types

Understanding why some volcanoes exhibit very different behaviour which in turn has an influence on their associated hazards, and how agencies can manage potential threats.

australia great barrier reef green turtle istk
Turtles of Costa Rica

To support our mission for responsible travel, we have created an innovative resource on the turtles of Costa Rica, for you to use in your classroom.

iceland humpback whale breaching eyjafjordur istk
Whales of Iceland

This resource helps to introduce students to different whale species and the concept of endangerment. This resource also covers ocean pollution, human activity, and climate change.

iStock 16709313 Capri Rocks
Coasts Assessment Mats

These coasts assessments mats have a range of different questions, including open or closed questions and include a focus on coasts and their environments.