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New Zealand Itinerary

New Zealand Itinerary

This South Pacific island nation is often described as a world in itself. Its two main islands span over 1000 miles and take in all climates from the sub-tropical north to the sub-Antarctic south and offer huge diversity of landscapes and natural wonders.

This unique destination offers students and teachers alike the trip of a lifetime, allowing them to better know themselves and their peers while immersing themselves in their course materials. Nowhere else in the world would you be able to study water systems in the morning and go bungee jumping in the afternoon.

In order to help you make the most of your time in this captivating country, we have dedicated experts on hand to help you to optimise your itinerary and squeeze in as much as we can into your trip. We encourage school groups to balance their time between learning all they can about the fascinating surroundings, and making time to enjoy all that New Zealand has to offer.

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The natural landscapes of New Zealand are second to none, and travelling around the country allows you to take it all in. Discover the lakes, mountains, fjords and rolling green hills which made New Zealand such a natural choice when searching for locations for fantasy films; you can even visit Hobbiton as part of your itinerary.

One of the main draws of school trips to New Zealand is of course the amazing array of extra-curricular activities on offer. Choose between bungee jumping, glacier hiking or mountain biking, or don’t choose at all and do all three as part of the journey of a lifetime.

With so much to see, the real question is what to leave out of your itinerary. We encourage you to speak to our experts to design a bespoke itinerary specifically for you. We design our trips to be fully flexible, and our team are always on hand to help you customise your itinerary to suit your group’s needs.