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Explore Your Senses in Canada

Thursday, 28th October 2021

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Experience an assault on the senses as you explore Canada, surrounded by vivid colours, distinctive scents and unforgettable sights. A camera can capture a moment but there is so much more to your travel experience – only by using all your senses can you fully appreciate everything this diverse destination has to offer. Canada Specialist and Head of Product, Liz, explains how to experience multi-sensory Canada.

Sight is the obvious place to begin. To gain a true sense of scale in the world’s second largest country, hop into a helicopter or a floatplane. Marvel at endless mountain ranges and prairies stretching out below you or lush green forests contrasting against the inviting blue of the ocean. Down on the ground enjoy the rich colours of autumn leaves – warm gold in the west and blazing scarlet in the east – and spend hours mesmerised by the antics of Canada’s wildlife or the dancing lights of the aurora borealis overhead.

As you watch, don’t forget to keep your ears open too. The evocative howling of dogs as you embark on a winter sled trip or the splash and blow of a whale surfacing just metres away from you will form lifelong memories. Listen to tales of local legends and learn about natural history from a passionate guide. Creaking icebergs, thundering waterfalls or the unmistakable click-clack of the rails lulling you to sleep on a train journey will provide the backing soundtrack to your experiences.

To this day, one of my own most vivid flashbacks comes from the scent of pine forests – no matter where I am, if I smell pine needles I am instantly transported back to a perfect summer spent in the Canadian Rockies. For you it may be the sweet aroma of maple syrup or the tang of salty sea air from a coastal exploration that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Tasting your way around Canada needs no encouragement. The east is famed for its wealth of fresh seafood whilst over in the west elk and bison burger grace many menus. A growing Canadian culinary scene has seen the rise of trendy food carts offering street food with a gourmet twist; join a guided tour to find the best eats available or sample fresh produce at Vancouver’s Granville Island or Ottawa’s ByWard Market. A locally produced wine or a craft beer from the ever-increasing choice of micro-breweries is the ideal way to end your day.

And don’t forget to reach out… run your fingers through the sand on a deserted Pacific beach, feel the spray on your face as you approach Niagara Falls or the wind in your hair as you enjoy mountain-top views. Touch the ice on a glacier or feel the warmth of natural hot springs; just remember to share the moment with friends old or new. One thing is sure, your heart and mind will be touched by Canada for life.

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