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What to wear at the Icehotel

Friday, 6th July 2018

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Outside temperatures in Swedish Lapland can drop to -40° in winter, so packing the right things for these conditions and keeping warm is essential. Layering is the most efficient way to do this. When you wear several layers of clothing, the air that is trapped between the layers helps keep you warm and insulated against the cold.  If you can, avoid cotton clothing as cotton binds moisture and has a chilling effect.

Your base layers should be made up of some long-johns and a long-sleeved t-shirt, ideally be made out of wool. Bring thin sock liners and glove liners, but also pack fleece sweaters, a scarf, hat, warm wool socks and gloves.

On arrival at the Icehotel you’ll receive a one-piece thermal suit to wear over your own clothes for whenever you step outside or when you are participating in excursions. The Icehotel also provides guests with mittens, balaclavas and snow boots. These are very warm and sturdy and we recommend you opt for a size larger boot than normal so you have plenty of room for extra pairs of socks.

When you sleep on ice for a night, you should wear thermal underwear, warms socks and a hat. You can always bring an extra jumper or fleece and put it at the bottom of your sleeping bag should you need it.

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What to pack for a trip to the ICEHOTEL:

We recommend bringing the following with you

  • Thermal base layers (long sleeve tops, leggings and socks) made of wool, silk or polyester
  • Fleece jumpers make the best mid-layers and you may find you prefer to wear more than one so bringing a thick and thin fleece is a good idea
  • Loose-fitting walking trousers or joggers are good mid-layers for your lower body. It’s best to avoid denim
  • A winter jacket – down or ski jackets are ideal and can be worn under the snowsuit. For this reason, longer outer jackets aren’t always suitable.
  • Ski or over trousers also to be worn under the snowsuit
  • Scarf or neck warmer
  • Woollen or fleece hat
  • Walking shoes/boots are useful for travelling and when you first arrive at the Icehotel, though you’ll likely wear the boots provided for most of your stay
  • Gloves and glove liners – pair these with the mittens provided

You don’t need variety in your outfits at the Icehotel, but bring good winter clothes that can be combined so you can adapt as you need. (Layering is key!)

You’ll also discover that the Swedes like to keep interiors warm and cosy which means you’ll want to remove outer and perhaps mid-layers as soon as you’re inside the heated areas.

Feeling Inspired?

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