What to Wear at the Icehotel

Saturday, 7th July 2018

Destination Specialist

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Winter time in Swedish Lapland is beautiful but as you’d expect, it can be cold. Surprisingly though it can also be pretty mild so you need to be prepared for either eventuality. Generally to the Icehotel are just 3 or 4 nights so you won’t need a huge suitcase and we recommend sticking to the ‘layer principle’ rather than packing lots of bulky items.

When travelling comfort is key, as is a pair of good boots suitable to winter. You’ll also need a thermal, or ski, jacket as well as trousers, or at least over trousers. We don’t advise wearing jeans as denim isn’t that warm and it takes a while to dry out should you get it wet in the snow.

On arrival at the Icehotel you’ll receive a one-piece thermal suit to wear over your clothes whenever stepping outside – it’s essential for excursions too. You’ll soon learn that the Swedes like to keep their heating on high which means you’ll want to get the suit off as quickly as possible once you’re inside! So, remember the layer principle – as long as you have a decent jumper or two, with lighter, base and mid layer garments to wear underneath, you’ll be fine.

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In addition to your thermal outer suit, the Icehotel will provide guests with mittens, a hat and snow boots which are as ideal for crunching through the wonderfully deep drifts as they are at keeping you steady. Make sure you opt for a size larger than you normally take so you have plenty of room for an extra pair of socks, should you feel the need. We also recommend taking a pair of thin, fingered gloves to wear underneath your mittens – ideal for when you need to adjust a delicate camera setting!

As for hats, we recommend you take one with ear flaps. It might also be an idea to pack a balaclava – sometimes but not always, these are provided by excursion operators. They are great for wearing underneath a crash helmet to protect against the wind when snowmobiling.

It’s worth investing in some good pieces of winter clothing – items that you can wear whilst walking around the Icehotel complex and under your thermal suit when enjoying activities as well as once you’re back in the UK. New lines come out all the time so it’s good to try on some pieces and get advice from the retailer – they offer a sometimes bewildering choice so we’ve picked out a few recommendations to get you started.

All our Icehotel clients will receive a Lapland Travel Tips booklet which includes a comprehensive packing list and further recommendations or if you would like to discuss further, contact our team of Travel Specialists.

For the lowdown on how get the perfect nights sleep whilst in an ice room at the Icehotel, check out our top tips in this handy infographic

Tips for 'Sleeping on Ice'

how to sleep on ice

Feeling inspired?

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