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Exceptional small ship voyages

Arctic Holidays

The Arctic region encompasses a vast area of continent, ocean, islands and ice-sheets, lying north of the Arctic Circle. Rich in history and native culture, this is a stunningly beautiful area home to an abundance of Arctic wildlife.

Our collection of Arctic holidays features small ship voyages to this incredible region, which encompasses parts of Canada, Greenland, the Svalbard archipelago and the iconic North Pole. We also offer a number of land based options, such as safari-style wilderness lodges in both the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to Spitsbergen on a small ship voyage or to immerse yourself in a wilderness experience deep in the Canadian Arctic, we offer an extensive choice of options for exploring the Polar Regions.

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Visit Svalbard in Summer 2024


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This is the last summer to visit Svalbard before new environmental restrictions limit travel to large parts of the archipelago. Now is the time to go to experience all it has to offer. With a choice of voyages available and some sizeable savings, make 2024 your year to travel to the Arctic.

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Arctic Holiday Types and Experiences

About the Arctic

Amazing wildlife is often the main inspiration for a visit to the Arctic – who wouldn’t want to witness a polar bear prowling the pack ice or a quivering herd of walrus hauled out on a remote beach? But the Arctic offers much more than plentiful wildlife – spectacular scenery, unique cultures and a fascinating history of exploration can also be experienced across this vast region.

Deep fjords, ancient glaciers and rugged mountains make up the landscape, whilst the icy Arctic Ocean is home to a wealth of marine life. Permafrost reaches hundreds of metres in depth and only the top layer of soil melts in the brief summer. Yet with 24 hours of summer daylight and at times surprisingly mild temperatures, moss, lichen and flowering plants thrive.

arctic glacier front near longyearbyen spitsbergen istk

Spitsbergen, the largest of the Svalbard islands, is ruggedly beautiful with prolific wildlife and its easy access, via Oslo, makes it an ideal option for first-time Arctic visitors. In Greenland, the unique bond between the Inuit and the environment adds another dimension to voyaging, which is echoed in the Canadian Arctic and the wild Torngat Ranges of Northern Labrador. For the ultimate Arctic adventure, you can also follow in the footsteps of early explorers venturing to the North Pole or remote Franz Josef Land with its rich wildlife.

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How to plan a polar holiday

Read our step by step guide to choosing your expedition voyage from when to travel, where and what is involved.

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greenland cruising bow of ship qe

How to pick your polar vessel

With an increasing range of expedition ships cruising in polar waters these days read our guide to choosing the best for you.

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