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Kayaking in the Arctic

Top 10 Things to do in The Arctic

A frozen ocean surrounded by continents, the Arctic attracts visitors with its breathtaking scenery, plentiful wildlife and fascinating history. Here are a handful of our favourite Arctic highlights to inspire you in planning your own Arctic adventure.

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1. Kayak through icy waters

To experience the spectacular scale and beauty of the polar regions from a kayak is truly unforgettable. Paddle silently past huge glaciers and enjoy a unique perspective of these remote landscapes.

Itinerary idea: Spitsbergen to East Greenland Cruise

2. Go Hot Air Ballooning At The North Pole

Join the world’s most powerful ice-breaker on a voyage to the North Pole and crush through the pack ice to 90 degrees north. At the very top of the world there’s the unique opportunity to get even higher by taking a hot air balloon ride over the pole.

Itinerary idea: Voyage to the North Pole

3. Go in search of polar bears

Top of the Arctic food chain, the mighty polar bear is the world’s largest land predator and an impressive sight to behold whether prowling the shore for prey or relaxing on an ice-floe. Spot them in the wild on the Svalbard Archipelago.

Itinerary idea: Around Spitsbergen

4. Meet the people of the North

Visiting remote settlements along Canada’s Atlantic and Arctic coastlines and in West Greenland is a real eye-opener, and whether they’re populated communities or the remains of ancient settlements they offer a rare insight into how people have adapted to living in this hard environment for over 1000 years. Vikings, missionaries and Inuits have all made their homes here, and the history of these coasts is as enthralling as the landscapes and wildlife.

Itinerary idea: Baffin Island Explorer

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5. Follow in the wake of polar explorers

The fabled Northwest Passage has captured the imaginations of travellers for hundreds of years. Now that the riddle of its navigation has been discovered, the Passage is slowly beginning to reveal some of its secrets. In 204 the HMS Erebus, one of the ships lost on Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition, was discovered 170 years after she went missing. Mystery still surrounds the fate of the other ship, and their crews – three lonely graves on Beechey Island serve as a memorial to these brave explorers.

Itinerary idea: Northwest Passage

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6. Visit Spitsbergen and Franz Josef Land

Remote and rarely visited, Franz Josef Land is one of the most recently discovered archipelagos in the world. This stunning chain of islands and ice was found in the late 1800’s, and even today it remains mostly unexplored. There are 191 islands in this naturalists’ paradise, inhabited by polar bears, walrus, arctic foxes and seals, while you’ll find beluga whales and many more marine species in the seas. Combine with a visit to the Svalbard archipelago for a real voyage of discovery

Itinerary idea: Spitsbergen & Franz Josef

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7. Go on an Arctic safari

Camping in the Arctic has never been so comfortable. The safari-style tents (with proper beds and cosy blankets) at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge are pitched close to the Cunningham Inlet on Somerset Island where hundred of belugas arrive each summer.

Itinerary idea: Discovery at Arctic Watch

8. Immerse yourself in Inuit culture

Step back into the past and witness the incredible communities that make their homes in the challenging environment of the far north. Visit remote settlements and learn about indigenous culture amidst the sweeping landscapes of the Arctic.

Itinerary idea: West Greenland Explorer

9. Watch for the northern lights

The northern lights are visible in the dark skies over Greenland as early as September, making it a fantastic time to explore as there’s still enough daylight to appreciate the incredible landscapes of this remote destination. Did you know, for example, that Greenland has the largest National Park in the world? It covers the entire north east corner of the country, and its dramatic fjords are cut by immense glaciers and flower meadows, which you can explore by day – before looking to the skies at night.

Itinerary idea: Exploring Iceland and East Greenland

10. Set sail on the trail of the Vikings

Sail from Scotland across the North Sea and up the coast of Norway, all the way north to Svalbard. Tracing the trading (and raiding!) routes that the Vikings and their stone-age forebears would once have sailed, this voyage combines history with the iconic coast of Norway and the wildlife that plies the waterways.

Itinerary idea: Scotland to Svalbard

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