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The Coolest Things to Do in the Nordics in Winter

Monday, 27th September 2021

Pam Forrest

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Witnessing the northern lights tops the wishlist of many who plan a visit to the Nordics in the winter, and rightly so, but there’s so much more to an Arctic experience than aurora hunting!

Imagine racing through snow-laden boreal forests on a husky sled, skygazing from a hot tub in the Icelandic countryside or being immersed in the indigenous life of the Sami whilst cosying up in a lavvu tent beside a wood-burning stove.

From the frozen tundra of Lapland and the fjord-indented coastline of Northern Norway to the volcanic vistas of Iceland, discover winter as it should be in the captivating Nordic region. Read on to discover the quintessential experiences that make a winter holiday here so special and ensure that seeing the aurora is the cherry on top!

The call of the wild

Like a local

The way of the Sami

Gain an insight into the fascinating culture of the Sami – the traditional reindeer herders of northern Europe. Find out about their 8000 year-old history on a visit to a reindeer farm, sample a traditional meal in a lavvu and drive a reindeer sled.

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Sauna culture

One of the wonderfully indulgent things about a winter holiday in the Nordics is that saunas and hot tubs are part of everyday life. Gently poach yourself in geothermal pools in Iceland or take on a traditional cleansing ritual in a Finnish sauna.

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You’re sure to get a buzz out of snowmobiling. Easy to get the hang of, access wild and remote scenery on a range of guided tours. Weave through snow-laden forests in Lapland, zip across glaciers in Iceland or reach remote fjords in Svalbard.

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Norway is the home of cross-country skiing, which features as an optional activity in many winter resorts. When it comes to downhill skiing, the family-friendly resorts in Scandinavia are fantastic for all abilities offering first-class slopes without the crowds.

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Wet and wild

Heavens above

Hot air ballooning

Revel in the sounds of silence on this new experience in Swedish Lapland offering breathtaking views over the snow-covered landscapes of the Råne River Valley. Combine your balloon flight with a stay at Aurora Safari Camp.

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Star gazing

The aurora is a compelling reason to keep gazing skyward during a Nordic winter, but not the only reason. The remote locations of our winter holidays offer wonderful chances for star gazing especially from the observatory at Iceland’s Hotel Ranga.

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Culinary delights

An integral part of any holiday, Nordic food adventures range from experiential to simply delectable. With an emphasis on locally sourced produce, prepare to be wowed by startlit dining in Lapland or sophisticated creations at Iceland’s Hotel Husafell.

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Exquisite ice art

An extraordinary place to sleep, the Icehotel is also an amazing art installation by day. Marvel at unique ice suites, sip a cocktail in the world famous Icebar and try your hand at ice-sculpting to experience the joy of working with this ephemeral medium for yourself.

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