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Greenland Cruise Holidays

Take a voyage in Greenland and explore the extensive coastline of this immense island. Boasting spectacular fjords and some incredible icebergs, it is best explored by an ice-strengthened ship or a much smaller sailing schooner. Travelling ashore by Zodiac makes it possible to land at otherwise inaccessible bays to hike through pristine wilderness.

Visiting remote Inuit communities is also a highlight, providing a rare chance to learn about the isolated way of life north of the Arctic Circle. There are also often excellent opportunities for sighting whales, walrus and other Arctic wildlife. Cruises in Greenland are predominantly during the summer months of July and August. However, in September, as the Arctic summer turns into autumn, you may be lucky enough to experience the optimum atmospheric conditions which produce the aurora borealis – a magical bonus to any Greenland voyage.

Our cruise holidays in Greenland are part of our Arctic Voyages programme and include small ship cruise holidays from Spitsbergen along the coast of East Greenland, itineraries combining Greenland with the Canadian High Arctic, as well as a sailing adventure through Scoresby Sund. For something a little different, sail between Illulissat and Narsaq on the west coast on board the Greenlandic ferry MV Sarfaq Ittuk. A comfortable yet functional ship, she offers an invaluable service to the local communities as well as transport for visitors to this magnificent coastline.

An adventurous spirit and a flexible attitude are the key components of any Greenland cruise, as you discover remote areas, ice-choked waters and an insight into Inuit culture.

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A really special adventure, the expedition staff were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful. And I did the kayaking - a real highlight!
Julia Williams, Greenland Coastal Voyage

Cruise Holidays in Greenland

Spitsbergen to East Greenland Cruise

from £6099
excluding flights
12–14, 18, 23 nights Jul-Sep
Experience three Arctic islands with magnificent scenery and prolific wildlife.
  • Wildlife
  • Cruise

Greenland Northern Lights Cruise

from £6800
excluding flights
9 nights Sep
Cruise north in autumn to explore Greenland keeping watch for the aurora.
  • Northern Lights
  • Cruise

Greenland Coastal Voyage

from £4176
excluding flights
9 nights Jun-Aug
Sample a slice of Greenlandic life travelling on the same vessels as the locals.
  • Cruise

Whales and Icebergs Safari

from £1428
excluding flights
11 nights Jun-Sep
Explore Newfoundland’s rugged coast in search of whales, icebergs and much, much more.
  • Self Drive
  • Whale Watching