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Iceland Volcano Holidays

If your interest in volcanoes is bubbling away then we have plenty to fire your imagination. Sited on a geological hot spot, Iceland is one of the most volcanically active places on earth. Its volcanoes are also some of the world’s most closely monitored and are in fact, a major reason for the country’s global allure.

Most visitors will have the opportunity to be spellbound by Iceland’s legacy of volcanic features – peaceful craters, moss-clad lava fields, bubbling mud pits and black-sand beaches. Some may even have the opportunity to witness lava fountains and molten rock as live eruptions occur periodically such as the ‘tourist-friendly’ fissure eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula in 2021, 2022 and July 2023.

Speak to our Travel Specialists about how you can build a volcano experience into a short break or tailor made Iceland holiday. Or sign-up to our Volcano Hotline should you wish to see a live eruption, when it happens and is safe to do so.

Sign-up to our Volcano Hotline

Recent Activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula

As the latest eruption started on 16 March 2024, there have now been no fewer than seven volcanic eruptions on the Reykjanes peninsula from March 2021 to March 2024, and experts are predicting that there could be many more. Significantly, the eruptions have been localised with no disruption to flights and Iceland is safe to visit and open for business as usual, aside from temporary closures of the Blue Lagoon. Read more about the current activity in our blog.

Volcanoes are part of everyday life for people living in Iceland and the Icelandic authorities are highly experienced in monitoring and managing volcanic activity. Being able to seeing a volcano erupting is an extraordinary experience and something that people flying into Keflavik airport may well witness. Helicopter flightseeing excursions are also operating over the current eruption site should you wish to add extra dimension to your holiday. Get in touch to find our more.

Our Iceland Volcano Disruption Protection also offers added reassurance for our clients, as should the unexpected occur we are on call 24/7 to make any necessary alternative plans at no cost to you.

“We had a fantastic time in Iceland. Thank you for your quick change in sorting out our last hotel after our original one closed due to volcanic activity. We managed to go to the Blue Lagoon without any worries which we loved and actually seeing all the lava fields and recent volcanic activity was amazing, certainly something you don’t see every day!”
Holly Madill, Iceland Self Drive, March 2024

Exploring Iceland’s volcanic landscapes

Volcanoes have long been a big attraction of this north Atlantic island, and plenty can be found on the doorstep of Reykjavik – both the 2022 eruption and the 2021 eruption sites at Fagradalsfjall are just 25km from the capital, in an uninhabited valley. Whether you want to spend an entire week exploring Iceland’s most impressive eruption sites or just stop off for a curious peak as you drive along the coast, then you’ve come to the right place!

From live eruptions to dormant volcano explorations, for many years we’ve been sending our clients to experience the splendour of Iceland’s iconic volcanic landscape. You might choose to descend deep into the magma chamber of a dormant volcano, fly over a crater in a helicopter, bathe in geothermal springs or hike over Iceland’s lava fields.

Our collection of volcano holidays includes short breaks and self-drives. Add in a host of excursions such as a Superjeep adventure or visit the fascinating Lava Centre for a multi-sensory experience. Perhaps combine with a northern lights quest if you’re travelling September to early April. Our team will be thrilled to tailor an itinerary to factor in a host of Iceland’s volcanic curiosities.

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Notable Eruptions in Iceland

In 2014 , a significant volcanic eruption occurred at the Holuhraun lava field, north of the Vatnajokull icecap in the central Highlands. This spectacular eruption lasted six months from late August 2014 to the end of February 2015. Fountains of molten rock erupted from fissures up to a mile in length, producing a lava field over 85 sq km in area – the largest in Iceland since the Laki eruption of 1783. A marked hiking trail has since opened through the lava field.

Making headlines in 2010

Prior to that, the 2010 eruption at Eyjafjallajökull made global headlines, sending a huge volcanic ash cloud high into the atmosphere that grounded aviation in the northern hemisphere for several days. The eruption had started as a tourist eruption with lava being emitted from fissures in stunning fashion against the dark skies of March. But a second, more powerful phase saw a fissure open under the thick ice of the glacier, which erupted explosively on 14 April 2010 creating the now infamous ash cloud.

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Volcano Day Trips & Excursions

Our collection of specialised excursions includes Superjeep adventures and dedicated volcano experiences, which can be incorporated into any self drive or independent itinerary in Iceland.

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Inside the Volcano

The dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Southwest Iceland. This huge volcanic magma chamber is now accessible to people to venture inside on a tour lasting 5-6 hours including transfers from Reykjavik.

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iceland aerial view over eyjafjallajokull with superjeep sca

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano by Superjeep

Take an exciting excursion to Eyjafjallajokull – the site of the 2010 eruption – with an expert Superjeep driver/guide. Climb the slopes of the glacier with this highly adapted 4×4 vehicle taking in views of the south shore.

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iceland helicopter flying over fagradalsfjall eruption lava mar21 by rth sigurdsson

Volcano Flightseeing

Take an unforgettable helicopter flight over the volcanic landscapes of Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, including the site of recent eruptions near Grindavik.

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Lava Centre

This centre offers visitors a full multimedia experience; immersing guests into Iceland’s volcanic and seismic life. It’s the largest museum of its kind in the country.

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