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Friday, 13th March 2020

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In a recent post on the Geography Teacher Zone, one teacher expressed that they are tired of hearing “Geography is just rocks” from students. The post was inundated with other teachers sharing geography topics which peak interest from every student. Whilst there was plenty of topics which seem to ignite a passion in students, two of these topics really stood out and were mentioned frequently. Teachers even suggested that these topics were credited as the catalyst that made them fall in love with Geography too.

We are sharing our free resources that accompany the two most engaging topics, as suggested by in the Geography Teacher Zone…

1) Tectonic Hazards

Nothing seems to ignite a passion in students than the drama of erupting volcanoes and trembling earthquakes. Barely a day goes by without an effect of a tectonic hazard being recorded on the news, meaning that the topic is fantastic for linking to current affairs and the world around us.

We have a few resources linked with this topic, including Tectonic Hazards Assessment Mats.

This resource is aimed at GCSE students, and focuses on the topic of natural hazards – particularly tectonic hazards. These assessment mats have a range of different questions based upon real-life examples from different exam boards. Questions include a variety of command words, in order to give students a taste of the different forms of questions they may be faced with in the real exam.

2) Sustainability and Climate Change

Organisations like The UK Student Climate Network and Kids Against Plastic prove that now, more than ever, issues surrounding climate change and the development of a sustainable future is one very close to many students’ hearts.

Here are a couple of resources to use to further engage students in this topic.

  • Whales of Iceland and Turtles of Costa Rica. These two resources can be targeted at multiple key stages and are complete with supporting activities. They can either be used as individual resources or as an effective comparison case study, whereby students can consider the threats faced by marine species across the globe.
  • Thinking Skills Resource: Perspectives on Sustainability in Iceland. The resource is split into four questions and answers, each with activities, questions and extension tasks aiming to encourage students to interpret, analyse and evaluate the subjective and objective data.

And for everything else:

Research estimates that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and they’re processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. That’s why teachers are always searching for engaging visual resources, that can enhance students’ interest and understanding of varying topics.

Introducing GIS Mallorca and GIS Iceland!

These GIS Maps cover a range of different topics including, Glacial Landscapes, Urban Environments, Changing Places, Population and Migration and of course… GIS Skills.

Using a combination of video footage, geographic narrative, photos, descriptions and a GIS Map, these resources can help to frame topics using real life examples across Mallorca and Iceland.

Both Maps are accompanied by suggested classroom activities and ideas, and both resources can be targeted to multiple key stages.

Plus… we have plenty of resources relating to a range of geography topics, carefully created by teachers and specialists

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