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Thursday, 14th February 2019

Becky Masih

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Magnetic, enticing and irresistible; it’s no wonder so many are captivated by Iceland’s charms. Over 40 years ago, our managing director, Clive Stacey, fell for Iceland’s untamed landscapes, remoteness and unique culture!  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve asked our Discover the World team what it is they love about the land of fire and ice…

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Having lived and worked in Iceland for over a year in a fish factory and on fishing boats, Clive managed to explore a lot of the country. This was enough to drive a passion that continues today.

I still get goosebumps when I see the empty roads twisting around an unspoilt coastline or a waterfall that flows straight from the imagination of Tolkein. My top experience has to be seeing the northern lights in Iceland for the first time ever! Another highlight was watching a vent spewing out lava as Krafla volcano erupted. I’ve loved really getting to know the place and discovering its many hidden secrets.

-Clive Stacey, Managing Director


15 Visits and Counting…

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Iceland over 15 times and yet it still wows me on every visit. The scenery throughout is spectacular, the food mouth-watering and the people are so warm, friendly and welcoming. I’ve travelled there in all seasons and each one is magical. I’ve enjoyed whale watching under the midnight sun; bathed in a hot tub under a sprinkling of snowflakes; walked amongst the wildflowers and comical puffins in the spring and been mesmerised by some incredible northern lights sightings in the autumn equinox and the depths of winter. One visit is definitely not enough to experience the full wonders of this extraordinary country.

– Georgina, Marketing

Most Scenic Drives in the World

Driving around the West Fjords is one of the most scenic drives in the world. At every turn, there is dramatic scenery and jaw-dropping landscape. I was amazed by how beautiful the area was.

– Eric, Iceland Travel Specialist

The Iconic Highlands

What I love about Iceland is, when you think you can’t be surprised anymore by its naturals wonders, you head into The Highlands and get blown away. The views are stunning and provide a fairground ride of different twists and turns, tunnels and hidden gems that you can’t help but admire. In fact, the only thing that may interrupt your drive is the occasional sheep that can be often found daydreaming in the middle of the road!  I kept thinking about the old TV programme ‘Top Gear’ and how these roads must feature in their ‘Worlds Best Driving Roads’ episodes. There can’t be many places in the world where you can follow a road round and round a mountain, and as you get to the top you are greeted with the most incredible panoramic views of the fjords.  An absolute dream! 

– Dawn, Iceland Travel Specialist

Not Complete Without the Golden Circle

I was fortunate enough to visit Iceland for the first time in November 2018 and it was love at first sight. Although the northern lights didn’t come out to play, we did have a full moon and the most amazing stargazing evening at Hotel Ranga’s observatory with an expert astronomer telling us fascinating stories about the night sky (dreamy!). No first time-trip would be complete without visiting the Golden Circle. With reduced hours of sunlight, we experienced some beautiful sunrises, Geysir was a sight to behold. Then, we tagged on a day of self-driving to explore the south coast. We really enjoyed walking behind the pretty waterfall that is Seljalandsfoss with a pink sky and ever-present full moon in the background. Further along our journey, we really adored the colours of the glacial tongue at Sólheimajökull. Iceland has captured a piece of my heart and I can’t wait to return.

– Jess, Marketing

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is high on many wish lists when visiting Iceland – the combination of its pleasantly warm, mineral-rich water and the crisp cold air of an Icelandic winter is a winning combination. Despite visiting at peak time, we found there is plenty of space in the lagoon and it was easy to find a quiet corner to relax in. Pure bliss. 

– Alex, Iceland Travel Specialist

Get Back to Nature

I travelled to Iceland throughout my childhood and fell completely in love. My best memories are playing in the snow and seeing the Northern Lights. Then there was the Midnight Sun in the summer and riding Icelandic horses. No matter what the weather does, there are always things to do and see with some incredible memories to make. It is the perfect opportunity to get back to nature. 

– Kim, Iceland Travel Specialist

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